10 Tips to expand your server/community

Right, it’s 2018 and apparently every article has to be either a top ‘something’ list or a clickbait titled piece of text. So within the context of being a super hip/edgy Angry Mob, here are 10 tips on how to expand/grow your server and/or community! Note that these tips aren’t in any orders because labeling tips with ranking numbers is just stupid in my eyes.

1. Recruit qualified staff members

Having qualified staff members within your server/community gives both benefits to you and your players. Because of the skill/experience of your staff members you can take a step back from player management and focus on different tasks (networking for instance). As a player, nothing is more annoying than an inexperienced or an admin who acts based on assumptions. Good staff keeps players playing on your server.

2. Make good use of your forums

I can’t stress enough how important a forum board is for your community (smaller communities can use Discord if that’s preferred). Be sure to have your boards well arranged and properly named. Your forums function as the brain of your community, it is the place that should give you all the impulses (suggestions and discussion) on which you will act on. The best thing about having a forum is that you are able to interact with the community outside of the game.

3. Host special events

To keeps things fresh you should host (special) events now and then. These events can take place both in and outside of the game. A few suggestions for events: organise a (small) tournament, host a different gamemode/game, collaborate with another community or host a yearly E3 livestream event where you and your members watch the E3 conferences on your voice server. If you are a role play community, have random events now and then to spice things up (be creative)

4. Be thoughtful with your donation program

Don’t provide your donors with P2W rewards since this breaks the economy and scares people away, provide clarity into where the money goes to after they have donated and most of all be thankful. For more information about how to handle donations check out this guide.

5. Host giveaways

Giveaways are a great way of attracting new members and giving your community a little reward. You can also specialise the requirements to participate in the giveaway. This way you can promote certain channels (for instance social media). Depending on your revenue coming from donations you might have to invest your own money.

6. Branch out on social media

Having a social media presence is a good way of pushing out announcements and creating new contacts. Besides that it is another way of attracting new players. When it comes to which platform you should invest (time) in is depending on your community. Personally we only have a twitter page which is more than sufficient (for now atleast).

7. Provide more content for your community

Besides having a game server,voice server and forums what else can you do to entertain your community? Try something new, why not have some sort of (development)blog? I know the idea sounds weird “who the hell would read my blogs?” but trust me some people will. The best way in my opinion is making videos. This provides entertainment for your members and more exposure (Youtube). For a player it’s always fun when you see yourself in a video 🙂

8. Encourage the use of your voice server

One of the first things I do after I launched my PC is join the teamspeak and see who’s online. This is the same for a lot of (staff)members, as it should be. Not only will they be using this when playing on your server but also to: socialize, play other games, contacting staff and inviting their friends over to join. For more information on the use of voice servers check out this article.

9. Take a step back once in awhile

Right of the bat, this does not mean “abandon” you community once in awhile! Taking short breaks is important to keep your motivation up and gives you time to evaluate. Be sure to have your staff members pick up certain task in your absence and that they can always contact you. As a owner it is hard to let go of certain tasks but doing everything by yourself takes a big toll on your energy and motivation.

10. Listen to your players

Your players basically decide what happens to your server/community direct and indirectly so listen well to them. Threat them with respect, but do not treat them as special snowflakes. Without the players your server will not succeed. Be sure to always have a channel op for suggestions and act on them.