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Advertise & Sponsorship


With a rapid growing number of daily visitors, exposure on different platforms and a mailing list containing hundreds of active recipients, Angry-Mob can reach an active and engaged audience for your business/community/platform. Advertisements can come in the form of banner placements*, (sponsored/guest/promoted) articles or a banner exchange**

For more information on advertising and/or our network, contact us via or by using the contact form.


Do you own a game server/website/community/twitch/youtube channel? Setting up and maintaining your server/community can be challenging and time-consuming. by teaming up we can help each other grow and expand.

If you would like to apply for sponsorship please provide the following information:

  • Links to your webpages, stream/channel, social media, game server(s) etc.
  • Services (and locations) are required
  • Name and contact information
  • A detailed description of the community/service you are representing

What can we offer you?

Here at Angry-Mob we like taking care of our partners so you will benefit from our sponsorship with the following perks:

  • VPS, Game server, Voice server, Web server*
  • An active network to help you grow
    • Exposure
    • Advertisement
    • Contacts
    • Support
  • (Tailor made) assets
    • Logo’s and banners
    • Webdesign support (html + css)
    • Forum templating


By applying for a sponsorship you meet the following requirements:

  • Have a working community, platform, service/product or a good pitch
  • Are not in bad standing with the community
  • Have experience with community management
  • Have a mature personality and a sense of responsibility
  • Are willing to adjust
  • Are highly motivated


  • In return for a sponsorship, we ask for advertisements – That could be in the form of banners, shoutouts, links to our site, mentions etc etc. We do not specifically tell you exactly what you need to do in return, as we leave this totally up to you. We will monitor your activity on regular basis and keep in touch with you during the partnership.
  • When using (banner) images, only use promotional assets provided by us.
  • Have a fair mindset/operation and ruleset within your community/service and maintain that.
  • Be respectable and understanding towards your community and each other. This is something we strive for.

*Banners placements won’t be affected by Ad Blockers
**The simplified concept behind a banner exchange is “I will show your ads on my site in exchange for getting to show my ads on your site.” (
All numbers, requirements and guidelines are subject to change