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2018 year in review

An “Angry” summary of 2018

Here we are once again. It’s the end of December and that means we take a look at 2018, to be more specific, a recap of what happened at Angry-Mob in 2018. It’s clear that this last year has been great to us when it comes to the amount of content and plans for early 2019. Wait wait wait.. Instead of me writing a wall of text from the get-go. Let’s just start with some numbers and stats shall we?

Monthly breakdown

Now that we have lost around 70% of the readers with that TLDR image containing all the facts, lets go a bit deeper and have a look at each month.


This year started with a guide highlighting the importance of forums followed by a guest article written by Bob regarding Pay 2 Win within communities. The first monthly giveaway of 2018 was a big one! 11 games were given away which set the comment counter to 110 comments. January was also the first time we published an interview consisting of two parts being the interview with Dino Nuts (part 1, part 2).

We ended the month with a Weekly* Vent regarding random community “reboots” and a bump of the good old guide on how to handle donations.


Although we didn’t really celebrate the occasion, “somewhere” in february we marked the first anniversary of! The reason on why we didn’t celebrate this event is… well, I kinda forgot it. Once I found out it was already too late. Sorry! I will make it up to you guys this february 😉

On the 4th of February we started the month with a guide on collaborating with other communities followed by the “You need more games!” giveaway. February also had its first interview with a content creator being Orcbit. This started a trend of publishing various Classic WoW interviews.

Ironically the last two articles of the month were both aimed at development for your community. On the 20th I published an article on working with developers followed by TJjokerR’s guide “Developers seem to know everything”.


This a pretty busy month for Angry-Mob when looking back at its content calendar. The month started with a solid giveaway (116 comments) followed up by a sponsored article written by Teamspeak where they highlighted their service being used within eSports.

The second week of March saw an article with some tips for whenever your server is declining and a guide by TJjokerR for getting the right tools when (starting) developing.

Right after, I published an article on finding the right host that fits your community and another useful guide by Joker aimed at development titled “Starting from scratch? What else?”.
We ended the month with an interview with Harland from Werwulf Gaming.


April was another busy month! Only a day after the interview with Harland we published our interview with the crew from Perpheads followed up by the giveaway “How about ten more games?”.

Just when you thought we were getting dry on interview I published another one! This time we delved back into the world of Rust and had a chat with Gamegeared from Rust Factions. Due to this busy schedule (these interviews take time) we bumped two articles bing “The universal rules of Role Play” by Link and “The importance of voice servers” by yours truly.

We closed April with a great guest article by Clay Berndt from Host Havoc where he gave us an insight at game server hosting.


Jeez.. whilst I am looking back in the archive I realize how much we’ve done this last year. The month of May marked another busy time for Angry-Mob. The month started with the giveaway “Lucky number seven” and an interview with RyanJD from Rustoria followed up by a bump of Link’s article on how to be a better leader.

On the 18th we published an interview with Alex Booth from This was the first interview with a non-gaming community. May also caused a lot of confusion regarding the privacy issues thanks to the new laws that were introduced. To help communities out I published the article “Privacy & your community”.

As always, May also saw its yearly E3 event post inviting you all to join us as we watch the live shows. The E3 2018 article has been updated with a little video on.. well.. how it went. (video can also be found below)

We closed the month of May with a little bump being “Matchmaking & dedicated server support”.

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Again, this month started with the giveaway “A bit of everything” followed by some tips to expand your server/community. On the 19th we published an interview with Kogadins from Ghost Division. On the same day Josh Corbett from the podcast Countdown to Classic also published his article/guide titles “Gaming Podcasting For Dummies”.

We closed the month with a bang. On the 23rd we published our interview with Nuclear_Poptart from Mineplex!


The month of July was a weird one for some of you. During this time I was.. well to be honest kinda “hyped” for Classic Wow. This resulted in several interviews which you will notice. The month started with the guide on finding out what kind of community you want and the monthly giveaway “Sweaty summer giveaway”.

After publishing the interview with Orcbit back in February, I felt confident approaching other content creators for having a little chit chat. This resulted into publishing an interview with Madseasonshow. Till this day, this remains our most viewed interview!

Right before I published the next interview with Tips Out, who was very helpful as always, I bumped in a general guide where I gave tips on starting a community.

We closed the month with some good old bumping Community drama! (I am still waiting for your stories!)


Just as July, August was another burning hot month hence the giveaway titled “Why is it so hot?!”. On the 10th we published another big interview regarding Classic Wow being, the man himself, Esfand! This was also the end of the “Classic Wow article spree”.

Later on I published a guide on How to install a dedicated server for Steam games followed up by a bump on Link’s guide titled “8 steps to character building


Man, just when I thought things were slowing down September comes up. We started with part one of Graigori’s article “What they don’t tell you about server management” followed by an interview with HelixSpiral from SGM (Serious Gmod).The week after, Joker published an article explaining what a DDoS attack actually is, we launched another giveaway and published another interview! This time we had a chat with Drewbie from Drew’s community.

The end of September saw part two of Graigori’s article, a good old bump on Links guide on how to handle a promotion and another Garry’s Mod related interview. Hanm13 from Combine Control gave us a little insight into serious roleplay and their own gamemode.


Starting from October things were slowing down a bit when it comes to the amount of new articles being published. This had to due with real life obligations (started a new job and moved to a new house). As always we hosted the monthly giveaway which has some great games followed up by a bump on Link’s guide on how to make a good first impression.

Whilst the amount of content was low, we/I wasn’t sitting still. At the end of the month I posted a community update giving information on What we are working on.


We started off November with the spooky giveaway “November thrills” followed up by a bump of Link’s article pointing out the danger of nostalgia. Whilst I was optimizing the database I came across a guide written by the folks over at Vanilla forums which was also worth bumping. The guide titled “Getting the first 100 members” is definitely worth a read.

The rest of the month spent on working on the revamp which is planned for Q1 2019.


Although it’s december, its safe to take a look back at this month. On the 8th we launched the last giveaway for 2018 followed by another community update titled “Progress! Still working on it..”. The final two articles of 2018 are the both the roadmap (will be published this evening) which gives you an idea of what’s to come and the recap which you are reading right now!

Onwards to 2019!

My oh my, what a year it has been. 2019 will be another great year for Angry-Mob with a total revamp which brings all sorts of new content, more articles, interviews, guides and giveaways!

From all of us here at we wish you happy holidays and a excelent new year!