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Angry-Mob is back and revamped

And we’re back!

Community announcement

Wauw, it has only been a couple of weeks but damn, it felt like forever! After running Angry-Mob for two years straight it was time for a little break. As always, taking a “break” means “let me work on something different” as you might noticed. With the previous community announcement regarding the revamp of Angry-Mob in mind, here are some things that have changed and stuff that we are currently working on.

New look and feel

If you are feeling rather blue then don’t panic. That’s most likely the new theme you are looking at. For over a year we have been bothered with some of the previous design and functionality choices I’ve implemented all those years back. Sure it worked, but it always felt a bit outdated.

We have removed much of the “clutter” from the website such as sidebars containing too much information, post & image sliders, no more FlatUI color scheme, increased all font sizes and building with a “less is more” mindset.

When it comes to our actual logo itself we decided to only tweak it a bit since we’re still very pleased with it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?

Speed is the key

We noticed severe differences in the load times and overall speed of the previous website. This resulted in frustration for both you, the reader and us. Besides that it also led to higher bounce rates (users not navigating further after landing on a page) which translated into less interaction.

For this reason we decided to switch to a different hosting company after doing some proper research. Thus far they have been very helpful and no complaints from our part. To be upfront, we are not aiming for that sweet 100% SEO score.

If you still encounter any problems with the website be sure to let us know!

More interviews & articles inbound

Re-launching the website with a new lick of paint is great and all, but now we actually need to keep adding new content to make it interesting. On that front we’ve got you covered! Over the next period you will see new interviews, articles and guides. A great tool that we should have made a couple of years ago was a content calendar (oh really?). Guess what, we made one. We are actually going to go step outside our usual niche at times, oh goody!.

As of now, we are in talks with various communities, companies and content creators regarding upcoming interviews and guest articles. Exciting exciting!

Of Course we are doing more giveaways!

You kidding me? Of course! Check out the giveaways page, it actually shows you a handy countdown. As always, all keys will be provided by Humble and all winners will be chosen by random. The best way to get notified whenever the giveaway goes live is joining the monthly community catch-up

Speaking of Humble. Do you like the games we are giving away on a monthly basis? Then the Humble Monthly bundle is just the thing for you! Angry-Mob has joined the Humble partner program recently. So if you would like to support us, please use this link when trying out the bundle. Cheers in advance! (inb4 sellout)

Freebies in the download center

As stated in the previous community announcement, we’re hard at work on setting up the download center where you can find a growing collection of downloads for you and your gaming community. Hell, even if you don’t run a community you might find some useful assets to rip apart and alter to use for whatever project you are planning on launching!

Expect the download center to be up and running in… I’ll get back to you on that alright?

Good to be back!

I can go on and on about stuff to come and ideas that we are working on, but let’s just leave it at this and save that for the next community announcement. For now, we just want to say thank you all for being here once again. Let’s make the upcoming two years even better, on to the next break!
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