My name is Link and I come from London, England. I am a keen journalist and have been participating in community interactions since 2008. In 2011, I found a game known as ‘Garry’s Mod’, and have been an active member of many communities hosted on this platform ever since. My main interests include Psychology, Sociology and Computer Science, which is proved by the fact that online gaming communities encompass these three subjects into a bizarre package.


7 Tips to Enhance Your Roleplay

So you’re already a great role player; you’ve created a character and you are hitting all of the communities and owning your environment. However, there may be a few things you are missing which could bring you role playing game to the next level. In this article, I have gathered perhaps the 7 most essential …

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Types of Role Play Communities

Even though the definition of the word ‘roleplay’ may indeed sound kinky, be rest assured it is not. Online multiplayer roleplay communities have been going since the late 1990s and early 2000s, and are showing no signs of stopping. These communities entail the user assuming the identity of a virtual avatar, and controlling them through …

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The danger of nostalgia

Aside from love, nostalgia can be both the best and worst emotion. It allows you to relive those times that were good, but by the same token, can also serve to dramatically disappoint you with false anticipation, provided you are trying to replicate an experience. I have sadly seen this as a common case within …

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How to Handle a Promotion

It is inevitable that, as you start to get more involved within communities, you will be promoted to a position of authority. This can be a large step up, and will require a new perspective to effectively maintain.In this guide, I will outline and explain some pieces of advice that you should follow if you …

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8 steps to Character Building

One of the most essential parts of roleplaying is being able to create, maintain and develop a character. This whole process is known as ‘character building’. Character building is a secondary part of semi-serious roleplay, and a primary part of serious roleplay; you can’t really immerse yourself in these types of game modes without it. …

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How to be a Better Leader

Leadership is the one word you should be concerned with when trying to get something to work. The leader dictates direction, focus and the ethos of the team. Without someone with social and moral qualities, your team will fall apart like a badly manufactured shoe; it will start off strong, but then very quickly condescend …

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The Universal Rules of Role Play

When you first start roleplaying, there are several universal rules that you are going to have to get to terms with. These rules are essential, and without them, you will not just ruin others experiences, but will also potentially get yourself suspended from the community you are playing on. In this guide, I will go …

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