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Interview: Nuclear_Poptart from Mineplex

Interview with Nuclear_Poptart from Mineplex
It’s time to grab your pickaxe because we are going mining! I recently had a chat with Nuclear Poptart who is the community manager of Mineplex. This official Minecraft partnered community was established in January 2013 and has made quite…

Game Server Economy Design and Paid Content

Game Server Economy Design and Paid Content
One of the most essential parts of video games and game servers are the economy, the question of; What does the player do, what is their objective, what will the outcome of completing that objective be?  In nearly all MMOs…

How to approach players as an administrator or moderator

How to approach players as an administrator or moderator
It’s a given that all community driven servers have someone or a team of people running the show (on voluntary basis). Depending on the community ranks such as administrator, moderator, operator, helper or super-admin are commonly used. The way these…

Interview: MisterPixie from PixieRust

Interview with Pixie Rust, a Rust community
Time to put on your scrap armor because it’s time for another interview with a Rust community. This time we had a chat with MisterPixie who is the founder of PixieRust which was founded in late 2015. After serving as…

10 Tips to expand your server/community

10 tips to expand your game server
Right, it’s 2020 and apparently every article has to be either a top ‘something’ list or a clickbait titled piece of text. So within the context of being a super hip/edgy Angry Mob, here are 10 tips on how to…

Interview: Rolle from DayZRP

Interview with DayzRP Dayz roleplay
Due to the recent announcement of DayZ (finally) leaving Alpha it looks like the right time to sit down with Rolle who is one of the owners of DayzRP. Founded in July 2012, DayzRP has become the biggest roleplay community…

Working with developers

Working with developers within your gamecommunity
If you want to stand out with your community/gamemode you will most likely have to invest (time/energy/money) into custom content/features. This can come in the form of a custom gamemode, automated donation system, crossover features, in-game content or special applications.…