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Giveaway: I’ll have a number nine

Dark Souls 3 game giveaway
This giveaway has ended[/su_label]Why do I always feel like I need to write an introduction on these giveaways? You think making this stuff up is easy huh?! Just like the previous giveaway I have no clue what to write this…

Interview: Orcbit

Interview with Orcbit regarding youtube & Classic WoW
With the announcement of Classic WoW (World of Warcraft) last November, the classic community has been more active than ever. Classic WoW wouldn’t have happened the way it did if it wasn’t for projects like Nostalrius and people promoting the…

Giveaway: You need more games!

Rust game giveaway ended
Everytime when we organise a new giveaway I need to think of a reason or a story to write in this little introduction. But this time.. I don’t know of anything fancy to say. Wait do we actually need a…

How to handle donations for your gaming community

how to handle donations gaming server
In this chapter I will be touching what is for many a sensitive subject, donations! A subject that has led to the death of many communities/servers, both by the lack of funds or abuse by the owners. Unfortunately in most…

Weekly* Vent: Random community “reboots”

Random community reboots weekly vent
It’s time to open up the valve again and let off some steam. And oh boy have I found a subject that annoys me, “random” people rebooting communities… To me, that’s just leeching off someone else’s name and try to…

Interview: Marley from Dino Nuts (Part 2)

Interview with Marley from Dino Nuts Ark
This is the second part of our interview with Marley who is one of the co-owners over at Dino Nuts, an Ark PvE community. Be sure to read the first part here where he talked about their history, past experience,…

The imortance of forums

Gaming community forums a thing of the past?
[su_label type=”success”]Bump[/su_label]A key feature that is slowly disappearing nowadays is having a forum for your community given the community is big enough to support it. In this article/guide (it’s a mix I guess) I will explain the importance of having…