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RustRP release date

RustRP Angry-Mob Rust roleplay
After busy 2 weeks of working on the server, it’s safe to set a date for the release! Over the time some things have been changed here and there (thanks for the feedback & suggestions, keep em coming!) and we…

RustRP, a new beginning

RustRP Angry-Mob Rust roleplay
You might have noticed a lack of new content on the website lately. This has to do with multiple factors, one of which being a new project we are currently working and that we love to share with you all!…

Event: E3 2017

E3 2017 event help me
It’s that time of the year again, E3 is coming up! Although every year is another letdown, it’s still a blast to watch with friends. No plans? If you don’t have any plans feel free to join us this year!…

Giveaway: Blackwake

Blackwake game giveaway ended
Here we go again, another giveaway! This time we will be giving away a copy of Blackwake. Much like our previous giveaways (Mount & Blade: Warband, Rust & Conan: Exiles) the only thing you have to do is answer simple…

Interview: Gurrazor from Monolith Servers

Interview with Monolith roleplay (Gmod)
Recently we had a chat with Gurrazor who is the owner of Monolith Servers, manager of ServerGuard (an admin modification for Garry’s Mod) and owner of Thriving Ventures (the company coordinating these projects). Monolith recently released their new game mode…

Publish your content

write for us a guest blog
Here at Angry-Mob we love to hear your stories. Whether it be guest articles, guides, fond memories or even community drama! If you think you have a story to tell then by all means, send us an email with your…

Interview: LeDieu from [EU] BEST

Interview with EU Best Rust community
Talk about a success story! we had a little chat with LeDieu who is the co-owner of a Rust community called [EU] BEST, a name which is familiar to most Rust players. When they launched around September 2015  they had…