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My server is declining, now what?

What They Don’t Tell You About Server Management
I’m not trying to sound like your dad but, there comes a time in every server owners life where you will experience periods (not those..) of player inactivity. This is not something to panic or feel bad about. In this…

Then and now: gaming communities

gaming communities then and now
Times change and so do communities. Over the years I have seen priorities shift and a lot of servers shutting down. The traditional community containing of gameserver(s), website + active forum and voice server seems to be fading away, which…

4 years of Angry-Mob.com

angry mob turns 4 years old big giveaway
Put on your party hat because its our birthday! To celebrate this occasion we are throwing in MORE games in the upcoming giveaway which will go live this Friday! Be sure to keep an eye on the giveaway page or…

Interview: Errn from Rusty Moose & Facepunch

rusty moose official Rust server interview with Errn from Facepunch
Two Rust interviews within one week, you kidding me? Yes sir! And guess what? This one has a twist! And no, I am not talking about the interviewee. Like our previous interview, this community is also listed under the official…