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Interview Hanm13 from Combine Control

Pick up that can! It’s time for another interview with a Garry’s Mod community. This time we had a chat with Chen “Hanm13” Magled who is the owner of Combine Control. Combine Control is an open Garry’s Mod community focusing on serious roleplay themed after the Half-Life universe. Founded in 2014, Combine Control currently has …

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Giveaway: Overwatch & more!

It’s the first week of September and you know what that means, time for the monthly giveaway! This time we will be giving away the following games: And the winners are: Overwatch – justAEA Darksiders II:DE – Altair Figment- Raphael Battle Chef Brigade – Walter H Little Nightmares – manrayy Zombie Night Terror – Mauro …

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Interview: Esfand

Time for another interview! I recently had a chat with Esfand a.k.a. The Ret Bull, a man on a quest to spread righteousness across Azeroth. For most WoW players and Classic fans, Esfand is a familiar face. While currently prepping for Battle for Azeroth (which he streams live on Twitch), Esfand is a true Classic …

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Giveaway: Why is it so hot?!

Jeez, why is it so hot?! With this weather its hard to do anything except.. PLAY GAMES! That is why we are giving away some of them as usual. This time we will be giving away the following games: And the winners are: Rise of the Tomb Raider- Rahone Marcelino Forts- Mauro Eibek Portal Knights- …

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Community Drama

Oh boy oh boy.. we have reached a subject that many people label as “the cancer” of communities being, community drama. Never have I had to write an article around a subject this hard. I am not really sure where to begin but… here we go.. *puts on his helmet, swimming vest, protective gloves and …

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Interview: Tips Out

Another (Classic) World of Warcraft related interview? It sure is! This time I had a chat with Tips Out, a content creator who started right after the Classic announcement during last years Blizzcon. Over this fairly short period of time he has been growing fast with his content. Outside of his own videos on Youtube …

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Tips for starting a community

So you want to start a community? That’s great! In this guide I will be giving you some tips that might come useful. I presume you have found a game (which you enjoy playing) and a name for your community. Some subjects we will be talking about are: your goals, the right mindset, preparation, timing, …

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