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Interview: Ronnie from Elite Ark

Elite Ark interview with Ronnie Rust and Atlas
Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur! It’s time to jump back into the world of Ark! I managed to have a chat with Ronnie, owner of Elite Ark. This “longest running populated” unofficial server established…

The power of hosting giveaways

The power of hosting giveaways
As you might know, we are no strangers to hosting giveaways (see for yourself). Every month we launch our giveaway with games provided by both Humble (partner) and by members of the community (you guys rock!). In this short article…

Interview: Funopoly from Republic Life

Interview Funolpoly, Republic Life ARMA roleplay Takistan
Roleplay within ARMA, Takistan to be precise, has always entertained me thanks to the many videos and streams out there. After our chat with Wilco, I had to know more about ARMA roleplay. Luckily I had a chat with Funopoly,…

Interview: KenZo from

Survivors Rust Interview KenZo
What is the goal of Rust? Survive! Well I can tell you that the guys over at, formally known as Battle of Rust, are doing that just, and with ease! They currently have seven active Rust servers and are…

Keep an eye on: S&box

Keep an eye on S&box aka Garry's Mod 2
Garry’s Mod holds a special place in my heart. This was the first game where I truly started getting involved with communities (r.i.p. Ventmob). Besides that, Garry’s Mod is the game I still play on a regular base after all…

Monthly giveaway: March, 15 games!

Angry-Mob 15 games giveaway Black Ops 4 Deluxe edition and more
Back from a 3 week break? Check. Launched the new website? Check. Published new interviews, articles and guides? Check. Hmm.. What else are we missing here? Ow yeah, THE MONTHLY GIVEAWAY! Did you think we forgot? Haha ofcourse not! Here…

Interview: bawNg from Intoxicated Gaming. Part 2

Intoxicated Gaming Rust Battle Royale interview
In the previous part of our interview with bawNg, owner of Intoxicated Gaming, we talked about the history of Intoxicated Gaming, the difference between their Rust servers and the reason for not having admins within their servers. Let’s jump back…

Interview: bawNg from Intoxicated Gaming

Intoxicated Gaming Rust Battle Royale interview
Rust Battle Royale will ring a bell with most Rust players I bet. Recently, I had a chat with bawNg, founder and developer over at Intoxicated Gaming and former developer for Oxide. This community (abbreviated: IG) was founded back in…