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My name is Timothy, a.k.a TJjokerR. I was a coder for VentMob and one of the founders of Revolt Gaming (both now defunct). It took about 14 years to get where I am now, which is as a teacher in software development at a school in The Netherlands. I learned programming the easy way: making stuff I wanted to make, learning everything myself.

What is a DDoS attack?

What is a DDoS attack?
If you’ve been a part of a gaming community you have more than likely been exposed to the term “DDoS” or in full “Distributed Denial of Service Attack”. It is a malicious method which prevents access to a certain resource,…

Starting from scratch? What else?

Joker's guide to development part 3
When you’ve got an idea for something, it’s most likely to have originated from one of your currently most favorite games, gamemodes or mods. There’s something in one of these just… missing or just plain wrong, so that you start…

Getting the tools you need

Joker's guide to development part 2
It’s time for part of my guide to development. If you haven’t gone over the first guide I highly recommend you do so. In this guide, I will focus on all the tools that you will be needing in order…

Developers seem to know everything

Developers seem to know everything
So you want to become a developer? well that’s awesome! Developing apps for desktop, mobile devices, the web and even mods for your favourite game is a very exciting (yet sometimes daunting) experience. The biggest upside from developing anything, with…