My name is Timothy, a.k.a TJjokerR. I was a coder for VentMob and one of the founders of Revolt Gaming (both now defunct). It took about 14 years to get where I am now, which is as a teacher in software development at a school in The Netherlands. I learned programming the easy way: making stuff I wanted to make, learning everything myself.


What is a DDoS attack?

If you’ve been a part of a gaming community you have more than likely been exposed to the term “DDoS” or in full “Distributed Denial of Service Attack”. It is a malicious method which prevents access to a certain resource, like a website or (game)server, by filling up the traffic to the resource with fake …

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Getting the tools you need

It’s time for part of my guide to development. If you haven’t gone over the first guide I highly recommend you do so. In this guide, I will focus on all the tools that you will be needing in order to start your journey. Keep in mind that this guide is divided into two pages …

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Developers seem to know everything

So you want to become a developer? well that’s awesome! Developing apps for desktop, mobile devices, the web and even mods for your favourite game is a very exciting (yet sometimes daunting) experience. The biggest upside from developing anything, with the coding aspect in particular, is that you’ll learn a new skill that is very …

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