And we’re back!

Community announcement Wauw, it has only been a couple of weeks but damn, it felt like forever! After running Angry-Mob for two years straight it was time for a little break. As always, taking a “break” means “let me work on something different” as you might noticed. With the previous community announcement regarding the revamp …

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Progress! Still working on it..

About two months ago I posted a community update giving you a little insight on what we are working and plans for the future. I thought it would be a good moment before we all descend into the yearly poopfest that is called the holiday season and tell you where we currently are. I mean.. …

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Giveaway: November thrills

Nobody reads these introductions right? Hello? I can just write random words like: porkbutt, waterbottle flip and chinese import slippers. See? Nobody reads this! Right, this time we will be giving away the following games: And the winners are: Full Throttle Remastered – Hechss  Rime – mori Yooka-Laylee –Altair Cities: Skylines + After Dark DLC …

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What are we working on

Time for a little community update. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these so let’s get right to it. As you might have noticed the flow of content has recently slowed down a bit. This mostly has to do with the fact that I am currently working full time and don’t always have …

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Giveaway: 9 games!

Here we go again, another giveaway, to celebrate the success of RustRP and all upcoming content we are giving away 9 games! And the winners are: Justin118z (One Piece Burning Blood)Cpt_JackS (Rust)Paulinho (Overcooked)Matt (NBA2K17)Alexey (War of the Overworlds)Crippled Lesbian (Wuppo)TheJjokerR (Simple Planes)Mhaya (Kero Blaster)John G.A. (Nöngunz)[/su_box] All winners have been chosen by random

What is coming up next?

After a time of absent on the main website we are finally back! The last couple of weeks/months we have been hard at work on the RustRP project that is almost leaving beta (more down below).  And boy oh boy.. do we have lots of new stuff for you all. First of all we just …

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We are live!

Damn those last few hours were hectic but we made it! RustRP is up and running, so be sure to connect to and bookmark it. Since this is still in beta we decided to postpone the donations since we want to get a clear picture of the economy. More information on this later. If …

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