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Everything thats worth celebrating? Let it be an announcement. Server or gamemode launches or (big) giveaways, all can be posted under this category.

We need your brains! I mean input

We need your input for our event
Our 5th birthday is coming up (Thursday) and we are can use your input on how to celebrate this occasion! Besides hosting a giveaway and some graphical changes (we are dusting off our old logo’s and themes), we still have…

And we’re back!

Angry-Mob is back and revamped
Community announcement Wauw, it has only been a couple of weeks but damn, it felt like forever! After running Angry-Mob for two years straight it was time for a little break. As always, taking a “break” means “let me work…

Progress! Still working on it..

Community update: Progress! Still working on it..
About two months ago I posted a community update giving you a little insight on what we are working and plans for the future. I thought it would be a good moment before we all descend into the yearly poopfest…

Giveaway: November thrills

November giveaway, 10 games!
Nobody reads these introductions right? Hello? I can just write random words like: porkbutt, waterbottle flip and chinese import slippers. See? Nobody reads this! Right, this time we will be giving away the following games: And the winners are: Full…

Submit a guest article and get published

Submit a guest article / guest blog and get published!
Guest articles, at Angry-Mob we love to hear your stories. Whether it be guest articles, guides, fond memories or even community drama! If you think you have a story to tell then by all means send us an email with…

Giveaway: 9 games!

Rust game giveaway ended
Here we go again, another giveaway, to celebrate the success of RustRP and all upcoming content we are giving away 9 games! And the winners are: Justin118z (One Piece Burning Blood)Cpt_JackS (Rust)Paulinho (Overcooked)Matt (NBA2K17)Alexey (War of the Overworlds)Crippled Lesbian (Wuppo)TheJjokerR…