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The power of hosting giveaways

The power of hosting giveaways

As you might know, we are no strangers to hosting giveaways (see for yourself). Every month we launch our giveaway with games provided by both Humble (partner) and by members of the…

Keep an eye on S&box aka Garry's Mod 2

Keep an eye on: S&box

Garry’s Mod holds a special place in my heart. This was the first game where I truly started getting involved with communities (r.i.p. Ventmob). Besides that, Garry’s Mod is the game I…

Keep an eye on Bannerlord multiplayer

Keep an eye on: Mount & Blade : Bannerlord

During these dark days of games being built around matchmaking systems its rough to find the right game for you and your community. Finding games that support dedicated servers has become a task of its own it seems. With this new series called “Keep an eye on:” we like to introduce some (upcoming) games/updates with…

Angry-Mob games giveaway january

Giveaway: January 19

New year, more games! We hope all of you enjoyed the holiday season. We sure did! Before we present you to the new revamped (view the roadmap), we thought it would…