Using a VPN to maintain your privacy when gaming

Online communities can be dangerous for your computer (I know it sounds weird but hear me out) by exposing your system to people with bad intent or snoopers alike through unsecured sites or connections. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and many sites, like Google, sell your information to third parties often without your knowledge, and are …

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Weekly Vent: Identity theft

It’s time for another WeeklyTM Vent (no idea why it has the word weekly in the name), this time we will be talking about Identity theft. Earlier today when I was browsing my Twitter feed (@AngryMobTweet) I came across the following tweet by @RaidGrounds which owns the Lone Survivors Rust servers: Apparently, someone is pretending …

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Then and now: gaming communities

Times change and so do communities. Over the years I have seen priorities shift and a lot of servers shutting down. The traditional community containing of gameserver(s), website + active forum and voice server seems to be fading away, which to me is a shame. Being part of a good community can feel like a …

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Giveaway: 9 games!

Here we go again, another giveaway, to celebrate the success of RustRP and all upcoming content we are giving away 9 games! And the winners are: Justin118z (One Piece Burning Blood)Cpt_JackS (Rust)Paulinho (Overcooked)Matt (NBA2K17)Alexey (War of the Overworlds)Crippled Lesbian (Wuppo)TheJjokerR (Simple Planes)Mhaya (Kero Blaster)John G.A. (Nöngunz)[/su_box] All winners have been chosen by random

What is coming up next?

After a time of absent on the main website we are finally back! The last couple of weeks/months we have been hard at work on the RustRP project that is almost leaving beta (more down below).  And boy oh boy.. do we have lots of new stuff for you all. First of all we just …

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RustRP release date

After busy 2 weeks of working on the server, it’s safe to set a date for the release! Over the time some things have been changed here and there (thanks for the feedback & suggestions, keep em coming!) and we are in the final stage. “So when can we play?” well the featured image probably …

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RustRP, a new beginning

You might have noticed a lack of new content on the website lately. This has to do with multiple factors, one of which being a new project we are currently working and that we love to share with you all! For the last couple of weeks, we have been working on bringing role play (check …

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