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Developers seem to know everything

Developers seem to know everything
So you want to become a developer? well that’s awesome! Developing apps for desktop, mobile devices, the web and even mods for your favourite game is a very exciting (yet sometimes daunting) experience. The biggest upside from developing anything, with…

The imortance of forums

Gaming community forums a thing of the past?
A key feature that is slowly disappearing nowadays is having a forum for your community given the community is big enough to support it. In this article/guide (it’s a mix I guess) I will explain the importance of having a…

Things You Should do to Expand your Clan

How to grow your clan roleplay
In the previous guide, I went over the key steps to establishing the base of a role play clan, and the first few things you should do when creating one. In this article, I will continue on in this journey…