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Interview: Blooprint

Blooprint rust youtuber and streamer angry-mob
For some reason I’ve been recently watching a lot of Rust videos (great idea for a lockdown binge!). One of the content creators that stood out for me is Blooprint. While I was watching one of his videos I thought…

Interview: Nuclear_Poptart from Mineplex

Interview with Nuclear_Poptart from Mineplex
It’s time to grab your pickaxe because we are going mining! I recently had a chat with Nuclear Poptart who is the community manager of Mineplex. This official Minecraft partnered community was established in January 2013 and has made quite…

Interview: MisterPixie from PixieRust

Interview with Pixie Rust, a Rust community
Time to put on your scrap armor because it’s time for another interview with a Rust community. This time we had a chat with MisterPixie who is the founder of PixieRust which was founded in late 2015. After serving as…

Interview: Rolle from DayZRP

Interview with DayzRP Dayz roleplay
Due to the recent announcement of DayZ (finally) leaving Alpha it looks like the right time to sit down with Rolle who is one of the owners of DayzRP. Founded in July 2012, DayzRP has become the biggest roleplay community…

Interview: Wilco from Roleplay UK

Interview with Wilco from Roleplay UK Altis Life community
Have you seen videos or streams of ARMA 3 Altis life roleplay before? Then there is a big chance it has been recorded on Roleplay UK’s server. This monster of a community (> 240k unique players &  > 55k forum…

Interview: Errn from Rusty Moose & Facepunch

rusty moose official Rust server interview with Errn from Facepunch
Two Rust interviews within one week, you kidding me? Yes sir! And guess what? This one has a twist! And no, I am not talking about the interviewee. Like our previous interview, this community is also listed under the official…