Interview: Orcbit

With the announcement of Classic WoW (World of Warcraft) last November, the classic community has been more active than ever. Classic WoW wouldn’t have happened the way it did if it wasn’t for projects like Nostalrius and people promoting the classic version of the game (a.k.a. Vanilla/Legacy WoW). One of these people is a youtuber …

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Interview: Maxaki from

Time to grab your pet rock once again because it’s time for another interview with a Rust community! I recently had a chat with Maxaki who is the owner of which was founded around January 2016. This community managed to take up all top 3 spots on And with (currently) 11.465 Steam group …

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Interview: Rolle from DayZRP

Due to the recent announcement of DayZ (finally) leaving Alpha it looks like the right time to sit down with Rolle who is one of the owners of DayzRP. Founded in July 2012, DayzRP has become the biggest roleplay community within the game. With over 28.000 forum members and great exposure on platforms like Youtube …

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