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What are we working on

What are we working on

Time for a little community update. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these so let’s get right to it. As you might have noticed the flow of content has recently slowed down a bit. This mostly has to do with the fact that I am currently working full time and don’t always have time to focus on writing articles and guides. Thanks to the help of guest articles and interviews (which I love to do!), we’ve managed to keep the content coming these last few weeks.

Revamping Angry-Mob

Whenever I am not writing any new content, I am working on super duper secret stuff for Angry-Mob. One of which being a complete revamp of the website. This basically means a new look and functionality. Since its launch back in February 2017 we’ve seen a steady increase in traffic with the occasional dips. This mostly has to do with the flow of content. Why browse the website when there are no new articles to read right?

User generated content

When it comes to the articles, I would like to head into a direction with a bigger focus on user generated content. Not only gives this more time to focus on community tasks, it also increases the amount of unique content and a way for communities, writers and companies to enable content marketing.

Ofcourse all submissions will be reviewed on its originality, length, tone and subject. Our guest article requirements will also get an update when the time comes (mostly regarding advertising, link usage and usage of names). Ofcourse you can already start sending in your submissions!


Besides written content we want to offer our visitors more than just text. Setting up/running a community requires lots of work. This is something we want to help you with as well. Next to the guides and interviews we want to offer you guys freebies/downloads. Think: Logo templates, Web templates, game server scripts, addons, forum packages and much more.

Not everything we offer to download will be created by us. This is why we will be contacting the creators first before hosting their products on our website. And ofcourse all credits will go to the creator.

Interviews, guides and articles

Nothing will change when it comes to our interviews, guides and articles. These will keep coming in an improved form. If you have any suggestions for communities/people to interview, subjects to write about or ways we can improve our articles, be sure to let us know!

We need your input!

This talk about changes is great and all but we want to know what you guys would like to see. A very basic questions, What do YOU like to see added on Angry-Mob? Be it, more giveaways, freebies, servers, more interviews, video content, (server) reviews or plain old gossip, Let us know! We need your feedback in order to create our roadmap.

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After we’ve gotten your feedback and finished up our research (functionality, assets, time and funds), we will create a roadmap including dates. This way you and I know what to expect and when it will be ready.

What about the giveaways?

Don’t worry, nothing will change to the giveaway schedule. Besides the interviews, hosting giveaways is something I enjoy doing for some weird reason. And yes, the process of handing out the keys still isn’t automated (Thanks AVG). But you know what? I prefer it this way. By contacting the winners individually we keep it personal.

Who knows, we might host an extra BIGGER giveaway once we push the revamped Angry-Mob when the time comes 😉

Angry-Mob gameservers

Besides that, as you might have known, Angry-Mob used to be a gaming community hosting several servers. Till this day we keep getting questions regarding whether or not we will be re-launching these servers. Let me address this know by saying that this is not in the short term planning. So no, we won’t be hosting a new Rust server (RustRP/10x), no we won’t be hosting another Experiment (Garry’s Mod) and no we will be setting up another Applejack  (Ventmob) reunion server any time soon.

Alright, so what now?

First of, new interviews, articles and giveaways are on its way, so nothing will change short terms. With the help of your feedback we will be posting new bits of news over the next couple of weeks. Once we have collected enough feedback we will publish the roadmap for all of you to see. Once that is posted you know exactly what will be changed & added and when everything is done.

A special thanks

Angry-Mob wouldn’t have been the same if it wasn’t for our (guest) writers and communities we’ve interviewed. Therefore I want to say a special thanks you to: Link, TJjokerR, Graigori, Josh Corbett, Bob, Clay Berndt (Host Havoc), Teamspeak, Chris San Filippo (Anchorfree) and all of the communities & content creators who were accepting of me nagging them for doing an interview. Many thanks to all of you!

For now have a great weekend and we’ll talk again very soon 🙂