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E3 2018 event angry-mob kinect edition

Event: E3 2018 (Updated!)

Are you ready for the annual letdown/cringe-fest which for some, you are always “hyped” for? ME TOO! With only a few weeks away and the Battlefield V reveal stream being this evening (it’s going to be World War 2, shoot me with a panzerschreck if it ain’t), we get ready to head into the E3 2018!

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What is this “E3 event”?

We (Angry-Mob & friends) have a tradition of watching the E3 press conferences together on our Teamspeak. In between the streams we play games such as Garry’s Mod (TTT), GTA 5, Red Faction: Guerrilla and many more. For the most of us, the annual E3 event also means no sleep, drinking and most of all laughing our ass of. Sounds like fun? Then by all means join us this year!

If you prefer watching the streams in peace and quiet, but do like to discuss them with us, then head over to our Discord. During the shows we will also be chatting about the games and presentations that are being shown on stream.

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E3 2018 conferences times CEST

I have converted the timezones on all the E3 press conferences I could find for us europeans (CEST). Keep in mind that these times are subject to change. If this information is off, let me know and I will update it!

June 9 EA 20:00
June 10 Microsoft 22:00
June 11 Bethesda 3:30
June 11 Square Enix 19:00
June 11 UbiSoft 22:00
June 11 PC Game
June 12 Sony 3:00

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Are there any requirements?

Nope! The only thing we beg you to do is enabling the push to talk function in Teamspeak. Nothing is more annoying than hearing other people making loud eating noises while we try to watch one of the few awesome “gameplay” trailers that are live on stream.

There is no minimum age requirement or anything like that. You do however, should be able to handle some jokes.. since.. well, that’s what the whole evening is about really.

Are we allowed to record/stream?

Ofcourse! By joining us on Teamspeak while we watch and “comment” the stream, you consent to being recorded and featured in videos/live streams if people chose to do so.

TLDR version

Join us on Teamspeak/Discord while we watch and comment on the E3 2018 press conferences while playing games in between shows. All the while we consume certain beverages and getting sleep fatigued. Ow yeah, and enable push to talk!

All aboard!

Here are some videos to get you in the mood:

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[su_youtube url=””] (by WatchMojo)