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Interview with EU Best Rust community

Interview: LeDieu from [EU] BEST

Talk about a success story! we had a little chat with LeDieu who is the co-owner of a Rust community called [EU] BEST, a name which is familiar to most Rust players. When they launched around September 2015  they had one goal in mind and that was to have “the best” servers in Europe. Fast forward to 2017, when you check rust-servers (Rust server directory hosted by Listforge) you can see that they currently claim the entire top 6 with their servers and currently have 13.386 members on their steamgroup.  I was eager to find out how this group of motivated people made it to the top and how they are managing to maintain that position.

Greetings LeDieu, much thanks for doing this interview with us! how are you doing?

Pretty well, feeling excited to be doing this interview.

Congratulations on the success of [EU] BEST! Can you tell me a bit about how and when you guys started hosting your server(s)?

It all started in 2015 when I decided to open a server for for myself and some friends We were playing on different modded servers for about 6 months and there was always something missing, so I decided to gather all the features I liked and open a server with them.
The first week we reached 15 players, the second week we got to 40 and the third week was a total success, the server had 60 slots and we made it full every single day of the week. At that time the server was called [EU] NEW and it was a 60x gather rate server.

After that week I decided to get another server with 100 slots and it was full 3 hours after a wipe. Then as you can expect I decided to boost the slots to 200 and from that moment I called it [EU] BEST. This happened on September 2015.

Since we became [EU] BEST I have dedicated all my free time to managing the servers and working to build a strong playerbase.
antisoma, the co-owner of [EU] BEST joined the project around that time, he always helped me before with some settings and tips, I couldn’t think of a better partner to manage the servers.

We have been working back to back to create what [EU] BEST is now, opening different servers with different settings to reach the maximum amount of players and always focusing on giving the best experience, performance and quality in our hands.

Did you have experience with managing servers/communities before you started [EU] BEST?

No, before opening that server I have never created/managed a community.

Since we became [EU] BEST I have dedicated all my free time to managing the servers and working to build a strong playerbase

With having this many servers and players it must be very hectic at times when it comes to player management. How big is the staff team currently and how is the hierarchy setup?

We are only two people, antisoma and myself. Sometimes it is hectic, stressful and hard to manage, however we rather manage everything together, we have the tasks very well defined and we didn’t have good experiences with staff in the past.

Are players able to become staff members? if so, how does this process work?

Not at the moment, if one day we decide to get some staff, we will announce how to apply in our Steam group.

Can you tell us a little bit about the servers you are hosting?

Right now we are running 8 servers.

GOLD and BLUE are our 5x gather rate servers, they both share the same settings, the only difference is BLUE is also running player trade and auto closing doors.
They are 200 slots max, they wipe twice a week, the gameplay is fast and they are focused on a building phase and a raiding fase.

LIME has recently changed to be a 5x gather server but with a group/clan size limit of 3 players. It’s working well so far and we are encouraged that it will grow with time.

RED is our 10x gather rate server, it counts with 100 slots max, the wipe schedule is weekly, on thursdays.
Its a pvp oriented server, players reach the end game status very quick so they can focus on fight and raid without being worried of losing gear.

BLACK is our semi-vanilla server, its a 2x gather rate and 150 slots.
Its running a little amount of plugins, no tp, no remove and it counts with instant craft and a minimap to orient yourself.

VANILLA is our newest project, we are very happy to finally open a server like this one and for the moment it had a really good success. It´s hard to manage this kind of servers since there is no difference between each other, players can leave and start fresh on another server and have exactly the same start. We will work hard on it to give the best administration.

Contacting a staff member can be done via Discord or making an in-game ticket, I there a reason why you guys aren’t using a forum?

Since our Steam group got big enough, we like to use it as a forum, the features are quite similar and it makes our job much easier, focused on 1 place and not in different platforms. We opened our Discord server recently and we are trying to move all our info/support there. We always try to make things as easy as possible.

You guys have a strict policy on cheaters (as it should be). People are unable to join if they: have more than 1 VAC ban, have a VAC ban that’s less than 2 months, have been banned from your servers before or if they have too many bans from other reputable Rust servers. Aren’t you afraid you will alienate new players?

As everyone knows, some players use cheats or hacks to get advantages over other players. This rule is set to filter what we think are the most suspicious accounts. Recently we also block private profiles and accounts with less than 25 hours of Rust playtime. We focus on giving the best experience to our players and this is the way we keep the servers healthy.

Do you host random (special) events within your servers/community?

We don’t run any special events on our server. Currently the only event we run is what we call “fun kits”. About 3 hours before wipe, we set 3 kits with weapons and explosives for everyone, this way players can have some fun while they wait for the wipe.

Let’s talk development, since you have 8 modded servers do you stick to pre-made plugins or do you make them yourselves?

We use every kind of plugin, we are very strict and precise with what we want. If we can reach that goal with a public/free plugin we are happy to use it. However if we can´t reach that goal we don´t hesitate to create our own version with the help of some awesome plugin developers out there.

What’s next for [EU] BEST, do you guys have anything (special) planned?

Right now, our work is focused on a new server we will open soon, I can´t reveal what will exactly be. Also thinking about ways to rework our current servers, we like to constantly develop our settings.

Starting a (Rust) community can be tough in the beginning, are there any tips you can give to starters?

My tips are always the same:

  1. Patience: Easy comes easy goes. A big community starts as a tiny community, patience is the way to go in order to build your own. Open a server you like, invite as many people you can and keep it open until people who like it find its way.
  2. Work: Lot of work is what a server community needs, players need to feel you are working on the server. Make a server busy is not hard, the hardest part is to maintain it and keep a high standard, put as many hours you can and keep it up.

How can new people join your servers?

There is three ways to join our servers:

  1. From the ingame browser, remember all our servers will shop up in the modded tab except our new project BEST VANILLA that will shop up in the community list.
  2. Using the IP and connecting from the F1 console from the game client. (all the IP adresses can be found either on our steamgroup or website
  3. In our Steam group description, player will find Steam connection links, clicking on them will connect to the server straight away

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