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How to find legit developers today

Finding decent developers can be more difficult than you might think. With the programming industry becoming one of the most sought after professions, there are a lot of developers on the market. However, that does not mean that they all possess quality skills. If you were looking for a way to find legit developers today, this article might give you some long-awaited answers!

What constitutes a good developer?

Before we can start talking about how to find legit developers today, it is first crucial to understand what are the qualities of a good developer. As stated above, not everyone has the same level of skills. If you are planning to spend your hard-earned money to pay for a developer, you better make sure he is worth the money spent. Every developer should:

  • possess high technical knowledge
  • be a fast self-learner
  • focus on the end-user
  • work within deadlines
  • be a good team player
  • embrace tricky challenges

High technical knowledge

Every developer needs high technical knowledge and pure raw skill. When trying to find legit developers today, it is crucial to discover the array of skills they possess. Depending on your needs, you may need a well-rounded developer or someone who is specialized in a specific area. It is extremely important that developers have knowledge of multiple languages. That will help them to look at any task from multiple angles, and find the best solution.

Self-learning skills

Developers who have self-learning skills will improve much faster. Furthermore, they will reach a higher level of skill. That is one of the most crucial traits I discovered while working with developers. Although programming jobs require a substantial amount of knowledge, the majority of it you learn as you work.

Every developer must know how to find a piece of information he or she needs. Furthermore, developers must always learn new skills. Otherwise, they will fall behind, because the technologies improve at a lightning-fast speed.

Focusing on the end-user

When looking for experts that will take care of your website, it is essential to find someone who pays attention to details. The majority of developers will look at the job as a task that needs to be completed so they can get paid. However, legit developers who focus on the end-user will always try to go a step further.

They strive to understand their customer’s needs, offer productive solutions, and improve the project.

Delivering on time

Punctuality is everything in the programming world. Although it is crucial to note that programming is not something that can be finished quickly, it is still important to stay on schedule.

That can be difficult because every developer has to deal with issues that arise during a project. Nevertheless, always look for a developer who is transparent in every way. Punctuality is also a reflection of professionalism.


When working on large projects, it is crucial for all developers to have good teamwork. Usually, all developers split tasks between themselves, and move together towards the final product. Being a good team player means knowing how to work with others, and maintaining a positive spirit.

Also, developers must keep their code clean, so others can understand it. If you as a customer receive a piece of code, it has to have some order to it. That way, if you hire another developer in the future, he or she can read the code and understand it.


All legit developers must be good problem-solvers. A developer’s mind must be used to tackling tricky challenges and finding solutions in a timely manner. Even though it may look like developers seem to know everything, in reality, they often struggle. However, it is crucial that they have the skill and understanding to solve any problem they might face.

How to find legit developers today?

Now that you know what skills are necessary to find legit developers today, let’s talk about where to look for them. There are a couple of viable sources:

  • freelance websites
  • developer companies
  • programming schools
  • word of mouth

Freelance websites

Freelance websites are one of the most popular ways to find a job online. No matter what industry we talk about, you can find skilled professionals all around the globe. Websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and plenty of others are a good source to turn to. Nevertheless, picking the right person for your project is difficult when you have thousands of options.

The best way to weed out bad choices is to:

  • read online reviews – All developers with working background have reviews posted by their previous clients. That is the best source of information that will help you verify if a developer is legit or not.
  • scroll through previous projects – When researching previous projects of any developer on freelance websites, you can learn a lot. You can see the complexity of what they did so far, and discover if they are what you are looking for.
  • check reply and delivery time – Developers who answer fast and finish projects in the agreed timeframe are what you should be looking for.

Developer companies

Even though it is a more expensive option, you can always turn to professional companies. If you are lucky, you may even find some who have affordable prices, while keeping the level of service high, such as WP Full Care.

By hiring professional developers, you are ensuring that your project will be taken seriously. Professional companies have highly trained teams of developers who work together on all projects.

Programming schools

If freelance websites have moderate to high pricing, and professional companies usually cost more, turning to programming schools might be a good option for those who have a limited budget. There you can find a lot of developers looking for projects so they can build their CV and find a job. Some of them may even do a project for free, but that doesn’t happen so often. Still, you should know that they don’t have the experience and knowledge of seasonal developers, so you should have realistic expectations.

Word of mouth

The last way to find legit developers today is through word of mouth. Chances are, you have a couple of friends who have already used the services of a good developer. Ask them for advice and opinion, and you might find what you were looking for. You might even get a discount as a friend! 

Well, that would be all for today. I hope that you enjoyed learning about developers and that now you have some knowledge about the necessary qualities and sources of good developers. Good luck with your projects!

Author bio Nick Farley has worked in the tech industry for over 10 years and has seen companies thrive with the help of good developers. Now he works as a freelance blogger and tries to help businesses succeed with his advice. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games and going on hikes.