Giveaway: 9 games!

Giveaway Extravaganza
This giveaway has ended

Here we go again, another giveaway, to celebrate the success of RustRP and all upcoming content we are giving away 9 games being:

Like our previous giveaways it’s very easy to participate. The only thing you have to do is leave a reply on this page saying which game you want. Easy right?!

Giveaway Extravaganza


Justin118z (One Piece Burning Blood)
Cpt_JackS (Rust)
Paulinho (Overcooked)
Matt (NBA2K17)
Alexey (War of the Overworlds)
Crippled Lesbian (Wuppo)
TheJjokerR (Simple Planes)
Mhaya (Kero Blaster)
John G.A. (Nöngunz)

All winners have been chosen by random

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