Who doesn’t like getting free games?

Here at Angry-Mob we are no strangers to hosting game giveaways. Every month we give away a couple of games around the 1st/2nd week of the month. The amount and which games will be given away depends on Humble since that is our main source for Steam keys.

Get notified

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Steam, Discord or join our monthly newsletter and get notified once the new giveaway starts! The monthly newsletter always gets send when a new giveaway starts. This way whenever you get an email from us, you know it’s time to pray to your RNG gods!

Recive an e-mail when the new giveaway goes live!

Help us out

Do you like the games we are giving away and want to help us out organise future giveaways? Then be sure to check out The humble monthly bundle. If you decide to try it out for a month please use our partner link by clicking here or on the image below. Much thanks in advance!

Angry-Mob is a Humble partner

Winners have 7 days to claim their game (via e-mail). All unclaimed games will be used in the following giveaway(s).