Types of Role Play Communities

Even though the definition of the word ‘roleplay’ may indeed sound kinky, be rest assured it is not. Online multiplayer roleplay communities have been going…
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How to handle a promotion

How to Handle a Promotion

It is inevitable that, as you start to get more involved within communities, you will be promoted to a position of authority. This can be…
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Garry's Mod ragdoll posing

8 steps to Character Building

One of the most essential parts of roleplaying is being able to create, maintain and develop a character. This whole process is known as ‘character…
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How to be a better leader

How to be a Better Leader

Leadership is the one word you should be concerned with when trying to get something to work. The leader dictates direction, focus and the ethos…
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Gaming community forums a thing of the past?

The imortance of forums

A key feature that is slowly disappearing nowadays is having a forum for your community given the community is big enough to support it. In…
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