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Ingenuine Personalities a bi-weekly vent*

Ingenuine personalities. There are so many of them out there. Sitting on their high horse online AND in a high chair in their mother’s basement; how often do you come across someone who just seems a bit odd? They haven’t said anything particularly off… haven’t linked you to any strange videos of open casket funerals… They just seem sharp, arrogant and needlessly nasty, at even the most trivial of things. They have what I like to call an ingenuine personality.

Online vs. Offline personality

In real life they are probably a pleasant and lovely person to be around, but online they adopt the personality of a member of Hitler’s SS. But they can’t be to blame. The internet is many people’s escape. It is a chance for them to get away from the stressors of life, and sublimate them into activities where (supposedly) no harm can be done.

But when these activities involve other people, trouble starts to brew. Their frustrations are no longer placed on inanimate ragdolls, but those around them. Those on the server, their staff team or their clan. Even when they are not stressed, they are so used to acting as such online, it becomes their online norm. This leads to them needlessly making enemies (and a tit of themselves) over virtual issues. To fix this, they need to develop style.

A lack of style

You may think ‘style’ is just the way you dress, but it is much more. It is a mindset – an internal confidence of being comfortable with who you are, always looking at the big picture and keeping things in perspective. In the context of ingenuine personalities, they have no confidence to be themselves online and don’t see that in their big picture, their little unnecessary feuds have no weight.

Keep it fun while gaming

Games and online communities are made so we can have fun. Although taking them seriously can enhance the amount of satisfaction you get, there is a limit. We should be nicer and kinder to each other online, regardless of how you feel about an issue. We should be more stylish, so the frustrations we may vent into our games don’t possess us to act untrue to our innate personalities.

*Not being published weekly nor bi-wewkly As always, we fail to follow up on our “(bi-)weekly” terms. SHIT!