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Interview with Drew's Community Garry's Mod

Interview Drewbie from Drew’s community

Time for another (Garry’s Mod) interview! This time I had a chat with Drewbie from Drew’s community, straight to the point, I like it! Founded in March 2012, his community has grown big over the years. With over 13k members on the steamgroup and an active forum board which sits at around 2,7k members. Drew’s community is primarily a Garry’s Mod community but also ventures into the worlds of Ark, Rust and Minecraft with its experimental branch of the community. Drew’s community looks like a “we do what we enjoy” kinda community, something that I admire. Ready? GO!

Greetings Drewbie! Thank you for taking time to do this interview! How are you today?

Hello! Thank you very much, i’m very good.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with Drew’s community all those years ago?

I’m not sure what everyone wants to know about me, but I can tell you a few things. I’m currently 25 years old, I study journalism currently and I live in Norway. I actually started something called “AB Gaming” before Drew’s community. We first started out as a “BuildRP” server, not sure many of you remember them. They were essentially darkrp on mostly “gm_construct”.

Around 2011 I played something called gangwars which i’m sure many of you know. However they took a direction which I didn’t like so I decided to start something I would like to play. That’s how CrewConflict started. CC  is a big part of our community next to starwarsrp. I ran crewconflictrp and a trouble in terroristtown (TTT) server till around 2013 alongside the BuildRP server.

In 2013 I did shut everything down because I went to the army. Later around 2015 I wanted to return to garry’s mod and Drew’s community was up again. We’ve had players come and go and the community was also down for a few months after our playerbase left after some trouble. Eventually people missed it and we came back even stronger.

What is Crew Conflict RP and whats makes it different form lets say, DarkRP or CityRP?

CrewConflictRP is very different from the other variations of garry’s mod because we mix in elements from many different games. We stick to the core darkrp formula, but we have taken inspiration from great games such as World of Warcraft, Diablo and other (RPG) games. We take crafting and leveling to the next level by rewarding the players with points they can increase their health, speed etc. Also our leveling system is tied in with almost every addon we have, so if you are cooking meth, printing or enforcing the law, you will progress.

From what I’ve been hearing Star Wars RP (SWRP) has seen a slow decline in popularity. Has this been affecting your community and if so, what do you think the reason is for this decline?

Tough question this one. We have seen the server drop a bit in, in my experience player comes in form of waves. Sometimes there are a lot of people and sometimes there aren’t. Then we also have to take into fact it has been summer and the servers has not been updated. Ppeople are also returning to their schools and jobs. However now we have updated the server and we see its back on the right track.

In your latest community update I noticed that you have “wiped” your Crew conflict servers, something which is standard for games like Rust. What made you decide to implement this into Garry’s Mod RP?

Wiping the servers was a difficult decision, we knew that the opinions on this were very split between the community. However people were getting bored and wanted a fresh start. This was also the first time we had crafted guns and different stats, so this gave us good information on how we now after the wipe would like to have things. It was also about time and now we can balance it better.

What is the structure of your staff team and what process do you use to add news players to it?

Our staff system is organized like this:

  • Founder
  • Community Manager / Web Manager
  • Server managers
  • Event managers
  • Senior staff
  • Staff
  • Trial Staff

We have a process where people have to go to our page and apply, there is no other way to get admin. You have to make an application and get accepted. We do not allow anyone to buy “staff” or anything like that. We also have an age limit to become a staff member which is 16.

I noticed you organize raffles within the community. Do you host any other community events?

We currently only host raffles, but we have been thinking about looking into new types of events. For instance we could do a best screenshot competition or the best builder. Also every event that takes place on the server has rewards. That can be anything from fighting to a car race.

Speaking of winning, when did you know you were onto a winner with your servers?

I always knew that my servers were good, because I had a vision of how I want it to be and it would be something that I would like to play on. My community started growing rapidly a few times, because we have had like 3 playerbases. The first one left because of the servers had a lot of problems, the second time the servers were very unstable. The third time was the last time the server grew the most. I don’t have any exact dates, but it happened when Elitestudio made youtube videos on it which did put us in the spotlight.

Let’s talk development real quick. Do you create your own plugins, or do you get them from third parties?

We get them from third parties.

You have been running since 2012, over the years you must have had some times where your motivation was low. How did you handle those situations?

There are of course times were my motivation was low, and two times the community has been shut down. However now I have had so much help from others and I have a loyal community. And I will stick by it and continue to improve it, its very motivating to create something people enjoy.

What is your fondest memory from your community?

I don’t have one specific moment, because there has been so many. But we’ve had a lot of fun like when we raided elitestudio as santas, or when we hosted halloween events and decorated the map. We’ve also did have a lot of fun back in the day on “buildrp”.

Last but not least, is there any advice from your experience that you believe would be worth giving to (new) communities out there?

If you want to start a community make sure you create a server YOU would like to play on. Don’t just add a bunch of shitty addons and NEVER use leaks. If you believe in your server invest time, effort and money in to it. Stick by it, takes a long time to grow a playerbase. But if you have something that’s good people will eventually pick up on it.

Special shoutouts

I would like to give a shoutout to:

  • Elitestudio and one of the memories are from his video (The BEST Server Owner)
  • Xirii and Pixal which has been here from the start (Pixal left a while ago)
  • NoGunNoFun for constantly spamming me about bringing the servers back (2015)
  • DeathShadow for being a great community manager

And I would also like to give a shoutout to Bilbo(StarWarsRP manager), TK(Staff on SWRP) and Jack which are community members that has been around since around 2015.