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Interview with Pixie Rust, a Rust community

Interview: MisterPixie from PixieRust

Time to put on your scrap armor because it’s time for another interview with a Rust community. This time we had a chat with MisterPixie who is the founder of PixieRust which was founded in late 2015. After serving as an admin in another community called “Darkside” which was taken over by a new owner, he decided to start his own community being PixieRust. As of now PixieRust are hosting a 3x and 5x (gather rate) modded server.

Greetings MisterPixie, much thanks for doing this interview with us! how are you doing today?

I’m doing rather good thanks. It’s currently really hot in england so trying to cool down a bit.

Congratulations on the success of PixieRust! You guys are ranked high on Can you tell me a bit about how and when you guys started hosting your server(s)?

Well, I started late 2015. We started with PixieRust 5x, which to this day is one of our best creations. To the start of this year, we opened up PixieRust 3x, 2x and PixieRust slow. 2x and Slow is not doing too good, but I always have high hopes for the two servers.

Did you have experience with managing servers/communities before you started PixieRust? (both Rust and other games/communities)

Well, I have always had a deep love for running servers/communities, just none of them had a good start. I did Minecraft/Garry’s Mod/CSGO then finally Rust. Who knows, I might of never did rust if it was not for Darkside. Darkside was the first community on Rust I helped admin, I did not know much but I did every I could to help. I was there for a good 6 months, until the original owners chose to sell the server off to someone else. So I chose to start my own community, then out come PixieRust.

How big is the staff team currently and how is the hierarchy setup?

We currently have 7 Staff members, I did use to run it myself but people wanted to lend a helping hand, so I let them. The ranks work like this on my server:

  • Admin – Basically Owner of everything.
  • Sir Mod – Head of all staff.
  • Mod – Incharge of chat.
  • Chat Mod – Keeps chat clean.
  • Helper – Tries to answer questions.

We currently have One admin that’s me, one mod, two chat mods and three helpers.

Are players able to become staff members? if so, how does this process work?

Any player can become a staff member, applications are always open. You can apply through our website or server. Due to amount of staff we already have, I don’t think I’ll be accepting anyone atm.

Can you tell us a little bit about the servers you are hosting for the ones that are new to Rust?

PixieRust 5x – This server is a 5x gather rate server which includes fast paced gameplay, with 5x the loot. We are basically on the verge of becoming a battlefield server, but with a survival aspect with it. Always a good population that keeps the 5x going strong.

PixieRust 3x – This server is a 3x gather rate server which is a bit slower than the 5x server, with the same amount of gun fire. This is more for the people that enjoy slower starts. PixieRust 3x also has good population.

PixieRust Slow – This server is a 1x gather server, where your gather rate can be increased by the amount of chopping/mining/skinning you do. This server is fun, but unfortunately not too popular yet but I have high hopes.

Matts PixieRust 2x – This is the newest server to the family at PixieRust, it a slow paced fun server, that everyone to enjoy. Its called Matts rust, because we have recently partnered with a YouTuber called Matt Sowards.

“I like to be on the front line with my players”

I noticed you are using Teamspeak and the Steam group forums, any reason why you don’t have a dedicated forum for the community?

I’m not a big fan of using a forum, I just don’t think Rust is the perfect place for forums. We use TeamSpeak because I personally would enjoy a place to talk with players, it’s also just a cool place to chill. I use a steam group instead of a dedicated website forum, because it’s easier to contact my players for when we wipe or something bad has happened. I like to be on the front line with my players.

Just out of curiosity, how is the Rust community doing these days? I personally haven’t followed Rust for a while now.

The rust community is debatable. Some people from the rust community are amazing, yet some are just not too perfect. So we have to deal with the bad people in a mature manner. When it comes to other Rust owners, I have a select few I’m happy with because they help me and I help them.

Do you host random (special) events within your servers/community?

I like to do in game giveaways, such as VIP kits. We use to do ingame events, but i’ve become too busy atm. I shall return soon, with more events within the server.

Let’s talk development, since you are running modded servers do you stick to pre-made plugins or do you make them yourselves?

I have a wide range of knowledge in coding, but when it comes to creating a Rust plugin, I just give up. Maybe if I sat down and tried, I would pick it up. I use a lot of pre-made plugins of Oxide, but I also use paid for plugins as it make our server a little more unique than other servers.

What’s next for PixieRust, do you guys have anything (special) planned?

I always wanted to run my own hosting company, but that’s not any time soon. I do have plans to expand PixieRust onto other games, just not yet.

What are some of your fondest memories which took place within the community?

Every day is a “fond memory” at PixieRust, I also hope other players feel the same way.

Starting a (Rust) community can be tough in the beginning, are there any tips you can give to starters?

My three stages to becoming successful is this.
Stage 1 – Never Give Up, you will do amazing soon.
Stage 2 – Takes risks if you think it will work out in your favour.
Stage 3 – Keep your players happy, if someone has a suggestion. Please accept it, you need to remember that you are not the only person that plays this server.

How can new people join your servers?

Anyone can find all the information about PixieRust situated at our steam group