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Tips Out interview regarding Twitch and Classic WoW

Interview: Tips Out

Another (Classic) World of Warcraft related interview? It sure is! This time I had a chat with Tips Out, a content creator who started right after the Classic announcement during last years Blizzcon. Over this fairly short period of time he has been growing fast with his content. Outside of his own videos on Youtube and Twitch streams he is also part of the Classic Cast team besides Esfandtv and StaySafetv. Recent;y, Tips announced the Classic PvP summit which is taking place this weekend (28th & 29th of July). I was eager to hear about this event, his journey, Classic Cast and ofcourse Classic Wow!

Tips! thanks for doing this interview with us. First of all, how are you doing?

I’m doing great! The ‘Classic PvP Summit’ is coming up this Saturday so I’m very excited!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started out?

I’ve always wanted to be involved in the gaming industry, so when I came across Totalbiscuit’s Cataclysm beta videos back in 2010, I knew I had found my calling (Rest in peace, TB). Life had other plans for me, however, and I spent years watching my dream slip away. Then Blizzcon 2017 happened. Classic WoW was announced, and I knew I could not wait any longer. The channel was born immediately. Since March of this year, I’ve been working as a content creator full-time on Youtube and Twitch, and host some Classic-related events as well, like the ‘Classic PvP Summit’.

Since you also stream retail WoW, what are your plans for Battle for Azeroth which is launching within a month?

That’s a tough one for me. I haven’t made up my mind on exactly what I’ll be doing in BfA, but I do know this; I will be going hard for the first few months. Whather that means I dive deep into Mythic +, return to raiding, or push for Gladiator, I’m not quite sure. All I know is that I have the ‘competitive rush’ again and I’m ready to return to my hardcore roots.

“I am 100% committed to the Horde for Classic WoW”

I noticed you also playing Alliance on your streams. What happened?! YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!

I know, I know XD. I am 100% committed to the Horde for Classic WoW, but retail has always been a different story. Since the ‘Every Man for Himself’ ability was introduced to the game, I’ve found it difficult to justify playing on the Horde and missing out on such an OP racial. Legion seems to have addressed this issue, but with so many of my friends playing on Alliance now, it’s hard to make the switch for BfA. Nothing has been decided yet though, so don’t lose hope yet!

Right enough Bfa talk, you recently announced the Classic PvP summit. Can you tell us a little bit about that on what we can expect?

The ‘Classic PvP Summit’ was created to address one of the biggest ‘unknowns’ in all of Vanilla WoW – Vanilla PvP. Those who attend the event should expect to learn all of the ins-and-outs of how Classic PvP works, the cool gadgets that can help tip the scales in their favor, and a comprehensive Ranking Guide to help players reach Rank 14 as efficiently as possible. To be honest, those are just a few of the topics to be discussed at the event on July 28th and 29th. It’s really going to be a full, 2 day summit of ALL THINGS Classic PvP!

Kraunx, Perplexity, Tribe, UHDX and Stormlingx are some heavy hitters! How did you get in contact with all of them?

I knew UHDX through streaming, and we talked once about potentially having him on my stream. That evolved into bringing on the other gentlemen you mentioned above, and eventually, the idea exploded into a full-fledged event!

How are you going to tackle the footage since its seems like Blizzard is on a hunt for classic footage and put it in the void storage.

The ‘Classic PvP Summit’ will be hosted in a presentation format – this is not an in-game event. We’re all about official Classic WoW, and the event will be catered to those who share our passion for Classic and want to enter the game as informed and prepared as possible

“Classic Cast has evolved into something I think none of us could have imagined”

You are a busy man! Besides your own content and the upcoming PvP summit, you’re also part of the Classic Cast team alongside Esfand and StaySafe. For the ones who are unaware, can you tell us a bit about Classic Cast?

The ‘Classicast’ is a Classic WoW podcast that features myself, Esfandtv, and Staysafetv. The original idea for the Classicast was to bring some cool people together to talk about Vanilla to the community, and teach newer players the basics of the game. Since then, the Classicast has evolved into something I think none of us could have imagined, with guests coming on every other week and topics extending to Vanilla WoW game design. I’m truly blessed to be a part of it.

What are the plans for Classic Cast once classic comes out?

We haven’t had this discussion yet, but I believe the show will continue, albeit with a different approach. I could see us discussing in-game news, events, and even hosting some of our own events for the Classicast audience.

Speaking of StaySafe, he keeps mentioning on his stream about an alpha/beta after Blizzcon (prediction). Does this sound plausible to you?

If you asked me this questions 2 months ago, I would have probably chuckled a bit. However, in the past 2 months, we’ve received an official Classic WoW update from Blizzard, and a new software engineer position has been posted to the Blizzard Careers website. Seeing as modern WoW will not feature a new expansion announcement this Blizzcon, I could potentially see a Classic WoW alpha/beta occurring in January/February of next year after Blizzcon. One can only hope!

Right, Patch 1.12. What do you expect and hope, when it comes to available content for Classic. Everything available from the get go? or raids being available for players over a period of time.

I actually made a video a few months back called “My Ideal Classic WoW Frankenpatch”, where I discuss my vision for Classic in detail. In summary, I believe the game should feature progressive itemization, progressive content, and patch 1.12.1 class talents and abilities. This model has worked successfully time and time again, and I think Blizzard is aware of this. I would not be surprised if this is the approach they adopt for Classic WoW.

“I love this game with all my heart”

Besides playing the game, what are you plans content wise once Classic gets released?

More videos, more streaming, more event-hosting! Whatever I can do to contribute to the Classic scene, I will. I love this game with all my heart and would love the opportunity to continue doing what I’m doing for years to come.

Due to the lack of consistent updates/news from Blizzard (please give us more!), aren’t you afraid you might be running dry on content/subjects to talk about?

It’s funny, people ask me that all the time, but I have about 300 video ideas just sitting there waiting to be made. I’m not too worried about running out of ideas, I’m more concerned with the time I have each day. You’d think 70-80 hours a week would be enough to finish my work, but surprisingly, it isn’t!

When browsing the Classic WoW reddit people share some of their fond memories of the game. Any particular events that got stuck in your head from playing World of Warcraft?

How much time do you have? Kidding aside, I have hundreds of memories, but a few stick out at me in particular; Riding the deeprun tram the first time, seeing Ironforge, discovering the Twilight Grove for the and wondering, “what the heck is THAT?!” But most of all, I remember the times I spent with my old guild just messing around, doing Gurubashi arenas every 3 hours, and pvping just for the heck of it (before experience was brought to battlegrounds). Classic was all about the community, and I’m excited to forge new bonds with the new and old Classic players alike!

We always end our interviews with TIPS (kek) for our readers. Do you have any advice you want to give (starting) content creators out there?

Work hard, set goals, and find your niche. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help, but put in the time to improve yourself as well. In my opinion, content creation is a lot like being in a start-up company; you work insane hours, you’re dependent on your creativity, but if you can persevere through the hardships, it’s one of the most fulfilling careers you can have.

I just wanted to shout out the ‘Classic PvP Summit’ one more time. The 2-day event premieres live on July 28th on my twitch channel ( If you’re planning on PvPing in Classic WoW, it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss. Also, a big shout out to the guests of the event – Kraun, Perplexity, Stormx, Tribe, and Uhdx!

And finally, a shout out to Staysafe and Esfand, fellow members of the Classicast team!