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Angry-Mob 15 games giveaway Black Ops 4 Deluxe edition and more

Monthly giveaway: March, 15 games!

This giveaway has ended

Back from a 3 week break? Check. Launched the new website? Check. Published new interviews, articles and guides? Check. Hmm.. What else are we missing here? Ow yeah, THE MONTHLY GIVEAWAY! Did you think we forgot? Haha ofcourse not! Here are the games we are giving away this time:

And the winners are:

All winner have been chosen by random
*Requires launcher

How to enter:

Simple! Just leave a comment on this page saying which game you would like to win. That’s it! Leave your comment before the 8th of March and who knows, you might be one of the lucky winners.

As always, all winners will be chosen by Random.

Special thanks:

We want to give Girugamesh, a friend of the community, a special thanks for donating the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Deluxe edition key to us. Be sure to give him some love down there 😉

Wait no, not like that! I ment in the comments. Jeez.

Like the games we are giving away?

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