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What is coming up next?

After a time of absent on the main website we are finally back! The last couple of weeks/months we have been hard at work on the RustRP project that is almost leaving beta (more down below).  And boy oh boy.. do we have lots of new stuff for you all.

First of all we just launched a new BIG giveaway where we are giving away 9 games which you can find here. After this giveaway has ended we will be returning to the usual monthly giveaways of both games and services.

Besides the giveaways you can expect more interviews with both new and previously interviewed communities, fresh new guides, news, articles (did anyone say “The weekly vent?”) and (special) events. So be sure to stick around!


As you might have noticed we launched a new project around August called RustRP. What started as a small experiment to see if Rust could support a roleplay server is quickly turning into a community of its own. If you like light/semi-serious and are the owner of Rust (if not, join the giveaway) we invite you over to come and take a look.

Since the project is still in beta we would love to hear your feedback on the RustRP forums. Constructive feedback gets rewarded with in-game rewards.
For more information visit: the forums, steamgroup or join the teamspeak

Be sure to stay up to date by following us on Twitter

TLDR: bigger giveaways, more interviews, articles, guides, events and that you should try out RustRP