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Community update: Progress! Still working on it..

Progress! Still working on it..

About two months ago I posted a community update giving you a little insight on what we are working and plans for the future. I thought it would be a good moment before we all descend into the yearly poopfest that is called the holiday season and tell you where we currently are. I mean.. I said we would talk again “very” soon right?

“Don’t care, just point me to the roadmap

Just real fast

I hate it when people start talking about themselves while nobody asks for it, so I will make it quick. I recently moved to a new house which not only resulted in me having next to no time to work on Angry-Mob, but it also resulted in temprary dogshit internet. Besides that my current job is demanding and has me traveling all over the country. Luckily both are settling down which gives me more time again to work on Angry-Mob. So yes, progress has been slow these last few weeks.

There, that wasn’t that bad wasn’t it?

Finding the right platform/template and functionality

They say you get more picky over the years. Well I am here to absolutely confirm this statement. I’ve gone through countless platforms and templates to find a suitable new home for the revamped version of Angry-Mob. Till this day I haven’t found “the one” although I am really close!

We will be most likely be sticking to the same platform due to its familiarity ,supply of add-ons, templates and our SEO ranking because of it. This is something I will decide on this weekend.

Speaking of SEO, I might write an article about that!

User generated content

Like I mentioned in the earlier community update, we would like to head into a direction where users can upload their own content. This increases the amount of unique content, gives writers/content creators more exposure and a way for you to “advertise” certain communities/servers.


I also mentioned freebies/downloads earlier. Next to the guides and interviews we want to offer you guys freebies/downloads. Think: Logo templates, Web templates, game server scripts, addons, forum packages and much more.

Our good friend TJjokerR was kind enough to offer his service to create several useful scripts for community admins. Be it web or game scripts.

I am also contacting other parties who might be interested to pitch some freebies and ofcourse working on my own freebies (mostly graphical and some web scripts).

How to obtain these freebies

The majority of these downloads will always be available on the website (no registration required) via a new page/platform which will be included within the site. We do want to give a special something to everyone who signed up for our monthly newsletter.

Starting from Q1 2019 (TBA) the newsletter will remain a monthly thing. Don’t worry, we are not going to spam you. Besides the heads up for the monthly giveaway and the community catch-up (articles you might have missed) we will also be throwing in some “special” freebies which are only downloadable for users who are on the mailing list.

Ofcourse, signing up for the monthly newsletter is free and just a few punches on your keyboard away. Oh look, there is a box below where you can sign up!

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A new look

With a revamp also comes a new look. And let’s be honest, the current Flat Ui colour palette is getting a bit boring by now. After doing loads of sketches for a different logo I kept coming back to our current logo. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke right? So I just altered the logo a bit and sticking to the familiar abbreviation “AM”. Below you can find the work-in-progress version.

Note that I haven’t decided on the colour pallette yet. This is also something that will be done this weekend.

See where I’m going at? I want to finish the graphical and platform stuff before christmas. We all know how these last two weeks of the year are..


We have (finally) uploaded the community revamp roadmap. Check it out to get a little insight into when “stuff will be done”

We still need your input

Like I mentioned in the previous post, we still need your input! What do YOU like to see added on Angry-Mob? Be it, more giveaways, freebies, servers, more interviews, video content, (server) reviews or plain old gossip, Let us know! We need your feedback in order to create our roadmap.

K, when is the next article?

Soon? I am currently in contact with 3 communities for regarding an interview. One of which got recommended by a community member (thanks Funky duck!). Besides that I will be writing an overview of 2018 since a lot of great stuff has happened this year here in Angry-Mob land.

You hosting a special giveaway?

Yes, keep an eye on the roadmap which will be up this weekend 😉

That’s it for now, we’ll talk again “this weekend”!