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Random community reboots weekly vent

Weekly* Vent: Random community “reboots”

It’s time to open up the valve again and let off some steam. And oh boy have I found a subject that annoys me, “random” people rebooting communities… To me, that’s just leeching off someone else’s name and try to make it easier to get the starting player base. Keep in mind that I am venting about the ones who were never part of the staff team or ask for permission to reboot the community. Instead of writing this like an actual article, let’s approach this as a story. Picture this:

And you are?..

About 3 years ago the community of which you were part of as an admin decided to call it quits. You had a great time and cherish fond memories during your time there. Then poof! someone named “xXx_C00lN!ckN4meBRO_xXx” sends you a friend request. You think to yourself “fuck”, but accept the invite anyway. Not even 5 seconds after you accepted him you get a message saying “HI! XD”. You sigh and while you are writing your greetings he sends another message, “Community X is back!!” (the actual message might contain more spelling mistakes). You feel confused, happy but also a bit sad since nobody of the old team contacted you beforehand.

You proceed to ask about the how’s and when’s regarding the reboot on which “Mister coolnamebro” immediately sends you another invite, this time for the Community X steam group. But.. wait a minute.. you are already part of the Community X steam group?! As a matter of fact, you have been a member of that steam group for 6 years now although it has been inactive the last couple of years. You feel something is off but still check out this other Community X steam group.

Upon arrival, you see that this group has around 20 members instead of the hundreds on the main group. Besides the low member rate, you also see that the owners of the group are totally unknown to you. Most of them have VAC/game bans on record and have a “2 years of service” badge shining on their steam profile.

By now you know enough.. “it’s another one of those”. You right click their name and click on block all communications and proceed to remove him from your friends list. WAIT! first, you copy paste the messages and links he sent and start talking to one of your old Community X friends again. You both laugh about it and talk about some of the great memories you have of the old community.

Living on Welfare

What “xXx_C00lN!ckN4meBRO_xXx” and his friends are trying to do is leech off the Community X name and status. It’s an attempt of getting some of the old players and create false hype  since their “project” is destined to fail horribly. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that people have great memories and are motivated to re-live those days, but this is not the way to achieve this. You can however, contact old staff members and come up with ideas together. Who knows, you might be the spark that ignites the fire once again 🙂

Note that all names in this article are pure fiction