Keeping your game community up to date

Recap: February

What a fun month it has been! on the the 13th we (re) launched the website and have been working hard on delivering content. We have seen a steady growth in new visitors and have gotten good feedback and suggestions, thanks! Since launch we have published 14 posts of which 2 interviews. We see that the interviews are most popular therefore, we have reached out to more communities, so expect more this upcoming month! (Feel free to contact us if you are interested, info@localhost)
This month we also had our first giveaway, congratulations to Matt for winning a copy of Conan: Exiles! Note that next giveaway will be up for a week instead of a weekend. Having 2 days to participate is too short we noticed (sorry).

What to expect in March

Since we just went live this month we have to find our ways when it comes to having fixed items, but here is what you can expect: More articles, guides, interviews (we are expanding our searchfield), another giveaway and more reader interaction. We would love to hear your stories, therefor we will be allowing you so send in your own stories/memories/tips and community drama episodes. These stories will be published on the website (after review). How this is going to work will be explained later this month.

inb4 “Drama friday”

Special thanks

A special thanks to Link, he joined the team shortly after we went live and has already delivered 3 (role play) guides, great work! Also a big thanks to both Kizai and Kingsman for participating in the interviews, you guys were very cooperative and helpful in the proces. It was good to see a discussion formed around the Kingsman interview (thanks for keeping it civilised). And of course all of you readers, thanks!
As always if you have any suggestions/tips or questions feel free to contact us!