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How to grow your clan roleplay

Things You Should do to Expand your Clan

In the previous guide, I went over the key steps to establishing the base of a role play clan, and the first few things you should do when creating one.

In this article, I will continue on in this journey and focus in on the things you should do after your initial establishment. So, assuming you already have a few members, lets jump right in.


A key part of maintaining a clan is having trust in the right people. You should promote some of your most trusted members to higher ranks so that you have one or more liaisons with your lower ranked members.

On top of this, it will show them that their hard work and loyalty has paid off, which will not only make them positive and more productive, but also make others put in more effort. This is because it serves as a signal that higher status can be achieved.

Furthermore, you can start to delegate certain tasks to your trusted employees, making the workload more evenly spread and distributed. This results in the project becoming less of a burden for you, if you believe it to be.

Put Yourself out There

You should also consider putting yourself out there; the best way to grow an already established clan is to advertise and make sure people know your name. Create advertisements, make promotional videos, offer your services for free… simple actions such as these will dramatically boost public opinion of you.

Consider Alliances

In order to achieve your objective, you will need a strong set of allies. These people could help you put your brand and image out to more players, or act as reinforcements if any military engagements break out.

Allies are an underrated asset of roleplay clans and should not be ignored, as it can sometimes double or triple the manpower being your operation.

Up Your Scale

This almost goes hand in hand with the ‘put yourself out there point’, however there is a slight variation.

Instead of trying something new, take something you have already established and increase the magnitude; if you are a transportation company with 2 trucks, upgrade to 3. If your base has 4 rooms, upgrade to 5. This size increase shows the outside world you are growing, and they will take notice.

Introduce Training & Punishment

If you are interacting a lot with other clans or members of the public, you may be concerned about your member’s attitude and professionalism. Create guidelines that they need to follow, and go through it with them on multiple occasions.

There’s nothing worse than a member compromising a potential deal or public image because they didn’t know what was going on or how to do something.

Establish a Communications HUB

As you get bigger, you won’t be able to function properly without a central communications hub.

I personally recommend using Steam groups, however this can be limiting and security is sometimes a concern with announcements being shown publicly. This is a good free option.

On the other hand, you could create your own MyBB forum which can house multiple documents and announcements with no security compromise. However, this usually costs as you have to pay for server hosting.

Integrate an Interview Process

As you get bigger, your standards obviously will too. You cannot let in people that may compromise your operation, so when someone applies to your clan, reach out to them and ask them some questions. These questions should help you determine if they are suitable to join your team.

In my experience, a two-stage interview process works best, with one interview being done out of character, and the other in character.

Furthermore, another effective method of checking their suitability is to bring them on as a temporary ‘intern’. If they shine and impress you, let them in; if they don’t, relieve them of duty.

Have a Theme

Professional clans make sure their resources are alike. If you are required to have vehicles, make sure they are all the same colour and the same make; you don’t want a vehicle convoy looking like someone’s emptying a smarties tube!

On top of this, it would also be wise to consider a general ‘uniform’ or ‘dress code’ to keep your members in check and up to standards.