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RustRP, a new beginning

You might have noticed a lack of new content on the website lately. This has to do with multiple factors, one of which being a new project we are currently working and that we love to share with you all! For the last couple of weeks, we have been working on bringing role play (check out “Link’s guides to roleplay”) into the world of Rust.  “What.. you kidding me? roleplay and Rust? haha” yes, role play in Rust, hear me out here.

The what now?

We believe that Rust has great potential to house a roleplay community. The game allows players to: create groups/clans, build villages, trade, farm, raid and much more! Instead of writing a wall of text with some of the features I will just summarize them.

    • Normal drop rate
    • 64 player slots
    • Small map (1800)
    • A world that consists of 2 zones being:
  • Safe zone
        • This non PVP (disabled) area is the default spawn point. Within this zone the staff created a town where players can find traders (both players and npc’s), social hub and all kinds of random RP events
  • The wild
        • This is basicly the rest of the world. Within this area players are free to do whatever they want as long as they follow the rules that will be enforced on the server.
  • Economics & RP Points
  • Rewards for joining the steam group (join here)
  • More information to come!



Unlike many (previous) roleplay servers, we won’t be running on a “medieval” setting. We feel that this has been done too many time and limits the player’s options when it comes to game & roleplay. Because Rust itself isn’t medieval themed, lots of items and materials would have to be blacklisted.

As far as having a “set setting” we are going with a theme that’s closest to Rust itself, being post apocalyptic. What’s most important is that players have a good time and aren’t forced to any specific setting/theme. Then again, that’s the beauty of a post apocalyptic setting, almost everything is possible!

For the roleplay enthusiasts out there, we are working on a (little) backstory/lore which we will release later on. These details will be posted on the forums.

We need your help

This upcoming Thursday we will be launching the forums. So if you have any suggestions, questions (this is the first time we try roleplay within Rust so we need your input) or just want to join in before the server goes live, feel free to sign up! The forums will also be the platform where we will post updates and news regarding RustRP.

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When can we play?

Soon! and when I say soon, I am talking about days not weeks! Once everything is tested we will let you know 😉 In the meantime, be sure to join the steam group so you are sure you will receive the in-game rewards once the server goes live. And again, if you have any ideas or just want to hang out, be sure to register on the forums once the floodgates will open on Thursday, Much appreciated!


post is subject to change