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Types of Role Play Communities

Even though the definition of the word ‘roleplay’ may indeed sound kinky, be rest assured it is not. Online multiplayer roleplay communities have been going since the late 1990s and early 2000s, and are showing no signs of stopping. These communities entail the user assuming the identity of a virtual avatar, and controlling them through …

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8 steps to Character Building

One of the most essential parts of roleplaying is being able to create, maintain and develop a character. This whole process is known as ‘character building’. Character building is a secondary part of semi-serious roleplay, and a primary part of serious roleplay; you can’t really immerse yourself in these types of game modes without it. …

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Working with developers

If you want to stand out with your community/gamemode you will most likely have to invest (time/energy/money) into custom content/features. This can come in the form of a custom gamemode, automated donation system, crossover features, in-game content or special applications. If you have the skills to program your own features then you are in a …

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