7 Tips to Enhance Your Roleplay

So you’re already a great role player; you’ve created a character and you are hitting all of the communities and owning your environment. However, there may be a few things you are missing which could bring you role playing game to the next level. In this article, I have gathered perhaps the 7 most essential …

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How to Handle a Promotion

It is inevitable that, as you start to get more involved within communities, you will be promoted to a position of authority. This can be a large step up, and will require a new perspective to effectively maintain.In this guide, I will outline and explain some pieces of advice that you should follow if you …

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How to be a Better Leader

Leadership is the one word you should be concerned with when trying to get something to work. The leader dictates direction, focus and the ethos of the team. Without someone with social and moral qualities, your team will fall apart like a badly manufactured shoe; it will start off strong, but then very quickly condescend …

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