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How to Handle a Promotion

How to handle a promotion
It is inevitable that, as you start to get more involved within communities, you will be promoted to a position of authority. This can be a large step up, and will require a new perspective to effectively maintain.In this guide,…

What kind of community do I want?

What kind of gaming community do you want
So you want to start a community? that’s great! But first think about what kind of community you want to create. You probably have found a game where you want to start hosting your server, if not find a game…

‘Ambition’ – The Most Common Fatal Flaw

Ambition is a common flaw
In Shakespearean tragic plays, such as Macbeth and Othello, the protagonist is said to be a ‘tragic hero’. That oxymoronic statement, on the surface, may not mean much to you in the sense of running an online community, but if…