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Teamspeak within eSports

TeamSpeak within eSports

Sponsored article – Esports is the world’s fastest-growing sport. Just as with traditional sports, fans follow teams, watch matches and even attend cup finals, cheering on their favourite players from around the world. While communication is valuable in every sport, being able to communicate is much more valuable in eSports, as coordinating with teammates is fundamental for winning the game. For this purpose, using a voice chat software is most commonly the way to go among eSports-players. Good voice quality and low latency are inevitable to provide an effective and enjoyable way of communicating during matches – all of it can be found in TeamSpeak.

“The communication tool number one that we use at the Playing Ducks for nearly 10 years is
Teamspeak. For us, there is no better tool to communicate successfully in eSports. Because
Teamspeak is eSports, eSports is Teamspeak!”

  Thorsten Mohr, CEO and founder of Playing-Ducks e.V.

A personal project

As a personal project for a group of friends, who met each other playing an online game, the history
of TeamSpeak began. The available voice communication applications at that time (1999) lacked
cross-platform compatibility, had to face router and firewall issues, and relied heavily on bandwidth
and system resource utilization. With the aim of creating a high quality, lightweight, full-featured
alternative, a new VoIP-software now known as TeamSpeak has been developed.

Nowadays, TeamSpeak is among the most recognized and successful brands in the VoIP industry and
is utilized in a wide spectrum of applications. In the world of eSports it is of special significance for
ensuring clear and fast communication during tournaments and evolved into the mostly chosen voice
chat tool among amateur and professional eSports-teams.

“Since TeamSpeak has been around when most of our club members started playing videogames online, it was an easy decision for us to use TeamSpeak as our voice service for Leipzig eSports e.V. TeamSpeak is still the perfect platform for us to keep in touch. Even though we are a local club, there are days we can’t play together at the same place. With TeamSpeak we can keep our training quality at a high level and we can stay connected with our teammates and friends.”

 Patrick Dreißig, president of Leipzig eSports e.V.


As the VoIP-market is constantly growing, TeamSpeak continues to build on past achievements with
continuous optimization, as well as implementation of features and functionality. Of course,
feedback from the community is of utmost importance to keep making TeamSpeak steadily better, so
everyone is very welcome to provide their suggestions in the official TeamSpeak-forum

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