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The importance of voice servers ts5

The importance of voice servers

Whether it be Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord or any other type of VOIP server with the exclusion of Skype. Having a voice server for your community is one of the best investments for your community, if not the best besides your game server. Why exclude Skype you say? Because first of all someone always has to make a call first, people need to be added before they can participate and don’t forget all the annoying background noise of people eating chips!

By having a voice server your community has a go-to place for all your members and staff. Not only will they be using this when playing on your server but also to: socialize (with existing friends & make new ones), play other games, contacting staff members when they have questions and not to mention they will invite their friends over.


Whenever you are setting up your voice server don’t overdo it with the channels. There is nothing more annoying than joining a voice server with a load of unnecessary empty channels. Have all your channels nicely separated and provide channel descriptions/correct channel names. Have separate channels/spacers with a summary about your server(s) and have links to your website and social media.

Attracting new users

A good way to get people in your voice server is providing groups their own channel. Let’s say for instance you have a roleplay server on Garry’s Mod and there are 2 members from an in-game group in your teamspeak but their friends are too lazy or too shy to join your teamspeak server. What you can do is offer them their own channel. This way they feel more secure and can lock their own channel if they want. The result for you is more users in your voice server and a chance of them inviting more friends!

Do your research

Before you get any voice server I recommend doing some research first to see which one suits your needs. Personally, I have mostly used teamspeak since it’s a well-known program, has high-quality stereo codec and having the option to add spacers with information. When you are a starting/small community I recommend just renting a VOIP server from a hosting company. If your community is growing or has a steady amount of players and donation flow I highly suggest getting your own VPS or dedicated box and host it from there. Keep in mind that you might need a license to host a voice server! Let’s take teamspeak again for instance. If you are hosting a server which is above 32 slots you need a license (that is if you are accepting donations).

I personally have the best memories of all kinds of madness happening on voice servers in the past. Funny reactions from people you play with, watching cringe E3 presentations with your friends, doing Tinychat raids and just having a great time. These are the memories that will stay with you and that’s all thanks to that one voice server.