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We need your input for our event

We need your brains! I mean input

Our 5th birthday is coming up (Thursday) and we are can use your input on how to celebrate this occasion!

Besides hosting a giveaway and some graphical changes (we are dusting off our old logos and themes), we still have our own server which is currently running our TTT server where we play every Friday/Saturday. Seeing we are only using a fraction of the server it might be a fun idea to revive one of our old servers for a (weekend) event? (10X, RustRP, Reign of Kings, Minecraft, GmodRP, etc.)

If you have any ideas on how to celebrate the event please let us know! Be it via Discord, Twitter, Steam or mail.

Thanks for sticking with us for all these years <3

New stuff for your server!

Whilst we have your attention, we added some new features to our website to promote your server and/or find a new community to call “home”.

Check out the buttons you dingus!

Finding a server leads to our Community Directory which is currently in beta. Here you can submit your server and/or browse through other communities. The Post article buttons let you submit an article with ease. So if you have any juicy stories to share or want to do some content marketing for your community, this is your chance!