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Donate for admin power, a rant

Weekly Vent “Donate for admin”

Every week we will publish a “weekly vent” where we basically let off some steam about a subject that annoys us. This week I will be starting it off with a subject that feels more like a dirty trick then actually helping a server, a donation “reward” being admin privileges. yes you are reading that correct; You can donate to receive admin powers in-game.

Seriously though,

Why why why?! What makes you think allowing random players to BUY admin privileges is a good idea? The only reason that I can think of is that the owner wants to lure in people of a younger age that would love to have admin powers (let’s face it, these things get mostly bought by “kids”). This is a prime example of a terrible “reward” for donating to the community. Then again, when offering these kind of “rewards”, it feels more like a quick cash grab eh?

I have to give it to the ones who started this trend. Although I am 100% against it and think it’s one of the worst things you can do to you server, the sneaky bastards were smart. It provided them with some quick cash and it was a fast way to fill up the server with desperate players who were grinding for a rank. Like most of these servers they die out really quick. So whenever you see a server called something like “{{}}|GAMEMODE|DONATE FOR ADMIN|420WEEDMOD|NEED STAFF|VERY ACTIVE|24/7|NO DDOS LOL|”, try to avoid it.

What if

Alright, what if he/she is actually looking for new staff members? Well if that’s the case; congratulations, you’re still an idiot! This is by far the worst way to acquire fresh moderators/admins for your server. There are other ways of attracting fresh blood to fill your vacancies. Hell, even if you put “NEED STAFF” in your servername you will be doing a better job then letting them donate. That goes without saying that having those kinds of messages in your server name is almost as bad. You basicly attract the same “players”, being younger folks who want to be admin/ try-hards who think they can be your VP of the community.

When it comes to “Kids”

This is not meant as a rant aimed at younger players since this is a common thing on all kinds of servers. I do want to say though that we were all “kids” once, and we all made mistakes (and still do). The best way for them to get experience is trial and error, buying admin powers through donations being one of those errors.

So whenever you come across a young person in a server don’t instantly kick him down, at least give them a heads up… I mean don’t offer admin powers in your donation rewards 🙂

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