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What is Angry-Mob? - Keeping your gaming community stay up to date

Angry-Mob is a website dedicated to gaming communities, no matter the game or platform. In the form of articles, interviews and guides we provide our readers with new insight and entertainment

Besides the written content, we’re no strangers to hosting events. Every month we organize a giveaway where we give away multiple games (thanks Humble!) and we launch event servers once in a while. Communities are also free to promote their server in the form of hosting giveaways on our website (see Mineheroes and Jartex Network for instance).

On the back-end Angry-Mob is a growing network of passionate community owners, developers, content creators, community managers, business contacts and ofcourse the players and readers.

A little sidenote is being managed/maintained on a voluntary basis with a non-profit attitude. You can support us by spreading our articles via social media , joining our Steamgroup and/or Discord , making a donation of your choosing via Paypal, disabling Adblocker for our website, use affiliate links for Humble/Host Havoc or via plain old word of mouth. Thanks!

Guest blogs

Here at Angry-Mob we are open to guest article submissions. If you think your article matches the website and its audience feel free to send your article using the form or via info@localhost in the form of a Google doc, Word document or pasted within the email itself. We’ll respond as quickly as we can to your email (within 24 hours), and provide feedback on your submission. Before submitting your blog, be sure to read our guidelines.

The history of Angry-Mob

Angry-Mob started out as a game community founded by Syff and Tori1157 back in 2015. While primarily running Garry’s Mod projects and Rust servers, Angry-Mob also ventured into the world of Minecraft and Reign of Kings. During the peak of the Angry-Mob Rust 10x server we moved to our own server which gave us great freedom to host almost anything we wanted.

Late 2016 community activity was lacking due to Rust fatigue and real life obligations from both the players as the staff members. For that reason we decided to “take a break, while we still have a community” instead of waiting it out. After taking some time off, Tori joined Rust Factions and plugin developer for uMod (check out his plugins). Recently he left Rust Factions and is currently working on a new project. For Syff however the break ment time to think of a new direction for Angry-Mob. With months of planning and preparation he re-launched the website in its current form.

Old Angry-Mob website that got put in the freezer (late 2016)