Writers wanted

Do you have affinity and experience in the gaming community and love to share your experience and/or stories with others or like to conduct interviews? Then we want you!

As a writer you will be working alongside a passionate and dedicated team, Whatever you decide to do whether it be writing articles, making guides of planning an interview, you can always expect help if you need so.

The position is on voluntary basis, therefor you are not obligated to write X amount of articles within X amount of time. When it comes to content writing you a free to choose how much you are planning on writing, and what the subjects are (as long as they follow the Angry-Mob guidelines). Depending on the situation and your contribution/performance you will be compensated fairly.


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have community (staff) experience
  • Have a neutral stance when writing
  • Produce original content
  • Are able to handle criticism
  • Be able to undertake research using a variety of sources
  • Be passionate about your subjects
  • Have good english writing skills

If you think you can be a contribution to the team then send an email to info@angry-mob.com or fill in the contact form. Be sure to include the following information when contacting us :

  • Name/nickname
  • Your age
  • Contact information where we can reach you (mailadres/steam/twitter for instance)
  • Your experience in both writing and performing within gaming communities
  • Your motivation