Community announcement

Community announcement

A while back I published a community update regarding the upcoming revamp of Unfortunately these plans have changed as you might expect. These last couple of weeks/months a lot has changed in my personal life due to work and other projects. This has resulted into little to no time left in my schedule to work on Angry-Mob. Be it writing, reaching out to other communities/writers/influencers/content creators let alone work on the revamp. Therefore, after much consideration, I/we have decided to take a break.

Ever since the launch back in back in 2015, Tori1157 and myself have worked with passion and great enjoyment on setting up this community. After since the “community freeze” and Tori’s departure in late 2016, I turned Angry-Mob into the community that it is today. During the past two years I had the joy of talking to a lot of great communities, writers, companies and content creators all of which getting a special thanks at the bottom of this tear jerking announcement. wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for:

  • Tori1157, together we started this community and till this day you keep advertising Angry-Mob although you are working on other projects.
  • Link, providing us with great roleplaying guides and the interview with Fearless roleplay.
  • TJjokerR, delivering technical articles and giving me the occasional (Ventmob) nostalgia fixes.
  • Graigori, Bob, Clay Berndt and Josh Corbett for posting awesome guest articles.
  • All parties who helped share our articles, special thanks down below <3
  • And yes, here it comes, the one you’ve all been waiting for, all of YOU!

We have seen a steady increase in web traffic since day one thanks to all of you! Thanks to your feedback we were able to deliver quality content and get in contact with various communities. At the end of the day, this is a voluntary project run by myself. If I am unable to devote my time and energy into a growing community such as it will only damage its name and content. Besides that, has no ads and all bills still have to be payed, not to mention the monthly giveaways.

So now what?

Taking a break only seems fair to both you, the reader and myself. Why pretend that you are an active website while old articles are constantly being bumped right? instead of calling it quits (HELL NO!) we just take a break. Until I am confident whether I have enough time to devote back into Angry-Mob I will report back and jumpstart this baby once again 🙂

Be sure to keep following us on Twitter to stay up-to-date or join our Discord where we talk, play games and give away Steam keys once in a while. And uh.. oh yeah, keeping you up-to-date!

Special thanks to:

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